After complaints that a playground in Tampines was in an atrocious state was reported online, complaints have again surfaced that a basketball court in the same constituency is in disrepair.

A resident of the area, who wishes to remain anonymous, has informed The Online Citizen (TOC) that the basketball court at block 407, Tampines Street 41, is in very bad condition.

The paint on the ground and the hoop poles, for example, has peeled and seems to have been left this way for some time.

The area is believed to be under the charge of its Member of Parliament, Baey Yam Keng.

Here are some photos of the basketball court:





In the earlier complaint, residents reported that a children’s playground near block 478 was in such a bad state that it posed a danger to children.

“From the pictures, you can see that there are many potholes in the flooring, where some of the foam boards are torn,” a resident named Juston told Redwire website. “These pose a hazard to children who play there since they can trip and fall much more easily.”

MP Baey is reported to hold his monthly forum with residents in the food court just in front of the playground.

Following the complaints, Mr Baey responded on his Facebook page to say that “the town council has already made plans to replace this playground.”

“The tender was called and closed in March,” he said, “The works are expected to be completed by end of this year.”

These are the photos of the playground:

Banner of Baey's Kopitalk (Photo: Redwire)
Banner of Baey’s Kopitalk (Photo: Redwire)
Photo: Redwire
Photo: Redwire
Photo: Redwire
Photo: Redwire
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