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Law Society of Singapore: M Ravi ordered to stop legal practice

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The Law Society of Singapore has ordered Human Rights lawyer, M Ravi to stop his legal practice until he goes for a medical examination.

“The Council of the Law Society has received information relating to Mr M Ravi’s impaired fitness to practise and has issued a direction that Mr Ravi stop his legal practice pending a medical examination pursuant to Section 25C(7) of the Legal Profession Act (Cap 161, 2009 Ed),” said the Law Society in response to media queries on Tuesday regarding the order to stop Mr Ravi from his legal practice.

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This comes after R Angelina filed an application to the High Court on 5 February through her lawyer, Mr Ravi regarding on issues pertaining to Thaipusam. Angelina who is said to be a local Singaporean born Hindu who converted to Christianity by her representing lawyer.

The application by Angelina, listed the Attorney-General, the Hindu Endowments Board and Law Minister K Shanmugam among the plaintiffs and is intended to seek declarations from the court concerning Thaipusam.

Below is a few of the listed request by Angelina to the court via her application.

  • A declaration that the guidelines by HEB on Thaipusam are in breach of the Minority Rights under the Singapore Constitution
  • A declaration that Thaipusam be declared a public holiday and that unconstitutional usurpation of Thaipusam as a public holiday in the late 1960s from the Hindus without any explanation.
  • A declaration that the HEB’s guidelines violate the fundamental rights to freedom of speech, assembly and expression, of the Hindu devotees participating in Thaipusam.
  • A declaration that Law Minister, K Shanmugam has failed his duties to protect the Hindu devotees against police brutality.
  • For an order of court to compel the attendance of Mr K Shanmugam to answer as to why the mentioned incidents of police brutality had been allowed since 1973 and answer to Court under cross examination whether any further investigative or disciplinary action has been taken towards the police officers concerned.
  • For an order of court to compel the attendance of the Attorney general, VK Rajah for not advising the government against possible brutalities during Thaipusam.
  • For an order of court to compel the commissioner of police to summon the entire entourage of police officers and Cisco officers including temple volunteers for an identification parade so that actions can be maintained at the magistrate’s court against all parties concerned who have exercised violence against the kavadi carriers in 2015 and previous years if evidence is available.

In Angelina’s email to the press, she wrote, ” I was brutalized during Thaipusam when I was merely trying to observe my religion peacefully and my milk pot was struck to the ground. I also understand from my lawyer Mr M Ravi that he has been threatened with a suspension of his practising certificate in order to silence him. I wish to salute Mr M Ravi for his bravery and strong sense of justice in how he attended Thaipusam in support of me and also brought his trainee lawyers to attend and actively sought to quell any violence and dissuade member epitomising Gandhi’s spirit of non violence.”

In response to the application, the Attorney-General’s Chambers said it has filed an application to strike out Ms Angelina’s application.

“The Attorney-General’s Chambers has filed an application on behalf of the Attorney-General and the Minister for Law to strike out the Plaintiff’s application on the grounds that it discloses no reasonable cause of action, is scandalous, frivolous and vexatious, and is an abuse of process,” it said in a media release on Tuesday.

Below is the application by R Angelina to the High Court

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