Timeline: Case between MobileStats and MINDEF

dr ting and mindef

In TOC’s report on 15 January, we shared Dr Ting Choon Meng’s story about how he had to withdraw his patent infringement case against the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) due to mounting legal costs and a battle for which he saw no end in sight.

We also reported on how Dr Ting’s company, Mobilestats Technologies Pte Ltd face evident closure with S$580,000 in legal fees to be paid to MINDEF. The court has also allowed MINDEF to revoke his patent for his invention.

In a public statement released on 20 January, MINDEF said:

“First, the false allegations of patent infringement are not new. Since 2011, the owner of MobileStats has repeatedly turned to the media to accuse MINDEF of infringing its patent. Second, these accusations have been deliberated by the High Court and found to be untrue. In January 2014, the Court declared the patent invalid and revoked it. The Court also found that MINDEF had not committed any Intellectual Property infringement.”

In the interest of public discussion on the issue, we have put together a timeline of what happened between Mobilestats and MINDEF over the past few years.

To read more about the case, you can refer to the affidavit filed by MoblieStats here.

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