Daily Archives: 2006-12-11

The Rise Of The Political Internet

By leounheort   Friday, 24 November, 2006The internet is one of the last bastions of true freedom: despite any country’s best efforts to censor or “regulate” it, no one governmentindeed, a multitude of governments with corporate supportcan attempt to bend the internet to its will. All it can hope for is subversion of local service providers, and perhaps censorship of …

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Why do teachers stop wanting to be teachers?

By Choenix If I were as highly acclaimed as Steven Levitt, I’ll ask for the statistics of the number of teachers who have left the profession and check if the increased monetary incentives over the years have slowed down the attrition rates among teachers. If increasing monetary incentives to the teachers cannot slow down attrition rates, perhaps money is not …

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Globalization and its impact on Singapore family values

By Ney Reed Organic – adj; Relating to natural way a system works; living nature of living things; not synthetic; constitutional in the structure/make up of something; of which source are alive; of which outcomes are alive; unadulterated; natural disposition. Culture – noun; Comes from from the Latin word colo, -ere, with its root meaning “to cultivate”. Relating to “the …

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