Viral video of monkey protecting toddler in Bali captivates and stirs debate among netizens

A viral video featuring a monkey protecting a toddler supposedly in Bali, Indonesia has sparked mixed reactions, with netizens debating the animal’s training and concerns about potential animal abuse. The video, gaining significant attention, prompted officials to investigate its authenticity and location of where it was shot.

Unlikely savior: Musk’s antics give Zuckerberg PR makeover

Mark Zuckerberg’s reputation improves amid Elon Musk’s erratic behavior, with their rivalry escalating on social media.

‘Meta loses more’: Zuckerberg takes Threads fight to EU

US tech titan Mark Zuckerberg is withholding his new Threads app from European users due to “regulatory uncertainty,” but experts believe his strategy will likely fail. The move is seen as a political push against the EU, and the outcome of this battle could impact the regulatory landscape for other big tech platforms in Europe. The Digital Markets Act (DMA) poses challenges for tech firms, prohibiting data transfer across platforms without user consent. Analysts predict that Meta will struggle to navigate compliance issues and may face unintended consequences.

Twitter rival Threads signs up 100 million users in five days

Instagram’s Threads app has gained over 100 million users in under five days, surpassing the growth rate of ChatGPT and other popular apps. However, its availability in Europe is uncertain due to data privacy concerns and conflicts with the EU’s regulations. Meanwhile, Twitter has faced technical issues and controversies since Elon Musk acquired the platform, and Threads’ connection to Instagram’s extensive user base has contributed to its rapid growth. The rivalry between Musk and Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg has escalated, with Musk threatening to sue Meta and proposing a “penis-measuring contest.”

Musk threatens lawsuit as Twitter rival Threads takes off

Twitter threatened to sue Meta over alleged trade secret theft as Meta launched Threads, a competitor to Elon Musk-owned Twitter, which garnered millions of downloads. The rivalry between Zuckerberg and Musk intensified, while users expressed both excitement and privacy concerns about the new platform.

Meta launches Twitter rival Threads — but not in Europe

Meta launches Threads, a text-based Twitter rival, with over five million sign-ups within hours, however, the European release is delayed due to data privacy concerns.

Twitter chaos leaves door open for Meta’s rival app

Elon Musk’s controversial changes to Twitter face backlash, as Mark Zuckerberg prepares to launch a rival app.

EU ‘enforcer’ visits Twitter, Meta as new rules loom

EU commissioner heads to San Francisco to ensure big platforms comply with new online content rules before DSA takes effect.

Australia gives Twitter 28 days to clean up ‘toxicity and hate’

Australia watchdog threatens Twitter with fines over failure to tackle online abuse since Elon Musk’s takeover, citing increased “toxicity and hate.”

Climate scientists flee Twitter as hostility surges

Scientists are abandoning Twitter due to an increase in insults, hate, and misinformation related to climate change following Elon Musk’s takeover. Researchers have experienced amplified abuse and a decline in engagement on the platform, leading them to seek alternative social networks. Experts suggest that organized resistance against climate reform is on the rise, with opponents orchestrating campaigns of misinformation. Some scientists have shifted their communication to platforms like Substack and Mastodon, which offer a more thoughtful and less abusive environment for discussing climate science.