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PAP town council “incurred huge deficit” in 1997

If you thought the Workers’ Party’s Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (AHPEC) is the first or the only town council to have ever run into a deficit, you would have to think again. Several People’s Action Party (PAP) town councils have also run into the red over the years. In fact, AHPETC’s deficit may not even be the biggest one either. …

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Who decides on govt grants?

In order to supplement town councils’ work in the estate, the government provides grants to them. The grants are disbursed through the Ministry of National Development (MND), to the grassroots organisations, in particular to the Citizens Consultative Committees (CCCs), which are at the apex of all grassroots organisations. The committee which oversees the approval of funds is the Community Improvement …

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Who’s Politicizing the Governance of Constituencies?

By Singapore Armchair Critic I was a Potong Pasirian. For more than two decades from my teenage years, my family and I lived in the small housing estate and opposition ward managed by the well-loved Mr Chiam See Tong. A recent visit to the neighborhood brought back fond memories for my family and I, who waxed lyrical about how so …

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