Undying Phoenix: TOC navigates regulatory restrictions with a revamped approach

Despite new regulations hindering operations, The Online Citizen Asia (TOC) views this as a chance to return to its roots, launching Gutzy Asia for Greater Asian news, while refocusing on Singapore. Inviting volunteer support, TOC’s commitment to truth and transparency remains unshakeable amidst these constraints.

Singapore authorities clamp down on The Online Citizen Asia: Declares its online platforms as declared online locations under POFMA

Singapore’s Minister for Communications and Information declares The Online Citizen Asia’s (TOC) online platforms as Declared Online Locations under the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act, warning visitors about TOC’s history of propagating falsehoods. This unprecedented declaration follows a series of POFMA correction directions issued by the Government amidst discussions surrounding scandals involving members of the People’s Action Party and the growing public distrust of the ruling party. The declaration’s validity will last two years, continuing until 21 July 2025.

Minister of National Development directs Correction Directions to be issued to Yeoh Lam Keong and TOC

SINGAPORE — Desmond Lee, the Minister of National Development has directed the…

We are back after a year’s hiatus

Dear supporters, past, present and future, we are back. While operations of…

Mindef files court application, Ting & TOC ready to refute allegations

The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) has replied to Dr Ting Choon Ming’s and…

Give up your seat – TOC takes to Speakers’ Corner

the following is a media release by TOC: There have been many…

MDA replies to Lionel De Souza

Self-regulation and public education emphasised. TODAYonline.

Letters of praise and criticism – and one to two ministers about TOC

“I urged our dear Ministers to do something to stop these unscrupulous people in TOC from conveniently using religion for their own gain in solidifying influence at the expense of our harmonious society,” said one letter addressed to two ministers.

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Kenneth Jeyaretnam joins TOC’s writing team

TOC expands team with new writers.