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MDA insists exiles film threatens “national security”, upholds ban

  The Media Development Authority has upheld its earlier decision to classify the film by Tan Pin Pin, “To Singapore, With Love”, as “Not For All Ratings” (NAR). Below is the statement issued by the MDA on Wednesday. Read also: “Fate of “banned” film sealed by condemnations ?” The Films Appeal Committee upholds MDA’s decision to classify ‘To Singapore, With …

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Hundreds of S’poreans watch S’pore-banned film in M’sia

Despite being a working day, some 400 Singaporeans travelled across the border to Malaysian on Friday to catch a screening of the award winning film, “To Singapore, With Love”,  at the Freedom Film Festival 2014 held in Johor Bahru. While some made their own way across the border, 4 buses were organized by university student, Lim Jialiang and civil activist, …

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Singaporeans’ search for information and their historical past

  In October 2011, some five months after the general election that year, Workers’ Party (WP) Member of Parliament, Pritam Singh, called on the Government to establish a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Mr Singh, who was speaking in Parliament then, argued that “a prospective Freedom of Information Act will allow any Singaporean citizen to make enquiries with any public …

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Film on exiles – MDA explains what “purely private” means

  The Media Development Authority (MDA) has elaborated on what it meant when it said on Thursday that “a purely private” screening of the film by Tan Pin Pin was allowed. The film, titled “To Singapore, With Love”, consists of interviews with Singapore exiles who now reside in several countries. The MDA had on Wednesday said that the film “undermine[s] …

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