MSF raises ComCare income benchmark to S$800 from S$650, paving the way for expanded aid to Singapore’s low-income families

Singapore’s Ministry of Social and Family Development revises ComCare income benchmark for the first time since 2014, extending eligibility to more low-income families. This move follows a heightened discourse about social safety nets in Singapore’s parliamentary debates.

Singapore expands elective egg freezing age limit to 37, allowing more women to preserve fertility

The age limit for elective egg freezing (EEF) in Singapore has been raised to 37 years, instead of the initially proposed 35 years. This decision is based on a review of local and international evidence indicating stable success rates for egg freezing up to the age of 37. Only legally married couples can utilize their frozen eggs for procreation. Gender equality advocacy group AWARE welcomed the change but called for the removal of restrictions on in-vitro fertilization for non-married individuals.

MSF reports 40% decrease in rough sleepers, but temporary shelter occupancy increases sixfold from 2019 to 2021

Singapore’s Ministry of Social and Family Development has reported a significant decrease in rough sleepers from 921 in 2019 to 530 in 2022. However, a veteran blogger in Singapore, Leong Sze Hian, has pointed out that while the number of rough sleepers decreased, the occupancy in temporary shelters had increased by more than sixfold, from 65 to 420, from 2019-2021. This means that only half the story is being told, and the full statistics on homelessness in Singapore are yet to be released.

Tan Chuan-Jin warns netizens not to “simply take an image, write and slam” ministries yet doing nothing structurally to help those in need

Tan Chuan-Jin urged netizens to err on the side of caution and…