Pritam Singh leaves it to the public to draw conclusions on the ‘uncanny coincidence’ of a viral video involving former WP MPs and PAP’s announcement of an affair between two of its MPs

During a press conference on Wednesday (19 Jul), WP Secretary-General Pritam Singh refrained from speculating on the timing and coincidence of the video exposing two former party members’ affairs just prior to PAP’s announcement of the affair of Mr Tan Chuan Jin and Ms Cheng Li Hui. However, he acknowledged that the question was on many people’s minds and left them to draw their conclusions about the ‘uncanny coincidence.’

Resignation letter from Leon Perera and Nicole Seah to the Workers’ Party

WP Secretary General Pritam Singh received resignations from Ms. Nicole Seah and Mr. Leon Perera. Additionally, Mr. Perera informed the Acting Speaker of his departure from Parliament. In his letter, Mr Perera, former MP for Aljunied MP, expressed regret for not meeting the party’s standards. Meanwhile, Ms. Seah acknowledged her actions as ‘selfish and reckless’, expressing deep remorse for her misconduct and disappointing voters and party members.

Leon Perera and Nicole Seah resign from Workers’ Party, Pritam Singh confirms affair between the two

Workers Party Secretary General Pritam Singh has announced that Mr Leon Perera and Ms Nicole Seah have resigned from the party at the press conference, following allegations of an affair between the two Central Executive Committee members. Mr Singh shared that the two former party members have not been forthcoming with the affair when first confronted with the allegations. When a video was first surfaced on Monday, Mr Singh confronted the two again and the two confessed to the affair which they claimed ended sometime ago.

Workers’ Party to hold press conference on Wednesday to address allegations involving Leon Perera and Nicole Seah

The Workers’ Party is scheduled to hold a press conference tomorrow (19 Jul) to address allegations of improper relations between MP Leon Perera and party member Nicole Seah. A video circulated on social media on the same day (17 Jul) as the announcement of Tan Chuan Jin and Cheng Li Hui’s affair by PM Lee Hsien Loong, shows both individuals holding hands in what seems to be a restaurant. Some have suggested that the video was taken two years ago.

WP MP Leon Perera advocates for gender-neutral maintenance in Family Justice Reform Bill debate

Workers’ Party Member Party Leon Perera calls for gender-neutral maintenance in the Family Justice Reform Bill debate, highlighting the growing number of stay-at-home husbands, women’s progress in the workforce, and examples from other developed countries. He urges the government to reconsider the current maintenance regime to promote equality and protect the financial well-being of all parties in divorce proceedings.

Minister Grace Fu reiterates Singapore’s status as developing country and potential claimant for COP27 Fund

During a parliamentary exchange on 21 April, Workers’ Party MP Leon Perera questioned Singapore’s Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, Grace Fu, on whether the country would contribute to the COP27 Biodiversity Fund or remain a claimant. Ms Fu stated that Singapore had not reached an understanding of the fund and clarified that Singapore has not decided and would take into consideration all views. Fu also noted that Singapore does not belong to the group of developed countries.

Ong Ye Kung responds to concerns raised by opposition parties WP and PSP on democracy and government policies

During a parliamentary debate on President Halimah Yacob’s address, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung responded to concerns raised by opposition MPs from the Workers’ Party (WP) and Progress Singapore Party (PSP), acknowledging that the government takes their ideas into account where appropriate. However, he noted a “fundamental difference” with the WP’s ideas on the Budget, as the party has not supported the Goods and Services Tax (GST) system. In response, WP MP Leon Perera defended his party’s views and asserted the need to strike a balance between current and future generations. The debate also addressed the PSP’s motion on foreign talent policy, with Hazel Poa clarifying that the party’s observations were factual and not targeting any particular race. Ong emphasized the importance of preserving a harmonious society and called on the opposition parties to take a principled and consistent approach to making alternative proposals.

DPM Wong’s call for concrete opposition policy alternatives met with rebuttals from Leon Perera and Leong Mun Wai

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong has criticized Singapore’s opposition, specifically the Workers’ Party, for not providing viable alternatives to raise revenue during a parliamentary debate. Mr Wong acknowledged the opposition’s contribution but highlighted the difference between the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) and the opposition in their approach to spending and revenue-raising. WP MP Leon Perera disputed Mr Wong’s assertion, stating that the opposition has been offering alternative policies in Parliament, their manifesto, and beyond. Mr Perera cited policies such as universal healthcare insurance and anti-discrimination legislation as examples. Non-constituency Member of Parliament Leong Mun Wai also addressed Mr Wong’s comments, stating that the Progress Singapore Party has put forward policy proposals to reset Singapore’s housing policy, including the Affordable Homes Scheme and the Millennial Apartments Scheme. Mr. Leong urged the government to robustly challenge these policies but not to dismiss them outright.

Leon Perera: Addressing political discourse, economic pessimism, promoting social mobility, and inspiring global change

Workers’ Party Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC, Leon Perera, emphasized the importance of active democratic participation and social mobility in Singapore during a parliamentary debate over President Halimah Yacob’s address. Mr Perera argued for increased consultation and engagement with civil society and stakeholders, focusing on poverty alleviation and inclusivity as core principles of regional economic projects. He also suggested reforms such as implementing a national minimum wage and establishing a redundancy insurance scheme to tackle poverty and social inequality.

Workers’ Party calls for release of full After Action Review findings on Singapore’s COVID-19 response

Workers’ Party calls for the release of the full After Action Review (AAR) on Singapore’s COVID-19 response, arguing that the current White Paper lacks transparency and leaves the public in the dark.