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What to do if you lose your job in Singapore and have no savings

By SingSaver.com.sg Make these financial moves within a week of losing your job, so you can survive unemployment in Singapore even if you have no savings. This article was originally published on 11 May 2016 and updated on 19 September 2016. Layoffs have continued to happen to many Singaporeans during the second quarter of 2016. A recent article in The Straits Times reports …

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GE issues – SkillsFuture, the billion dollar pipe dream?

By Reperio Simon In our earlier post, we wrote about the “gatekeepers”, FCF and TAFEP. Since we have managed to get past the gatekeepers, let’s see what’s really behind the gates: Jobs, and how they will be available and created. The latest “innovative” step is the creation of SkillsFuture, a national movement to provide Singaporeans with the opportunities to develop …

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Tripartite panel contradicts Government on employment practices?

I refer to the article, “Bosses hiring foreigners over S’poreans? Not true”.  (Straits Times, 8 April). It states that: “More Singaporeans are complaining that employers prefer to hire foreigners over them. But investigations by a tripartite panel that looks at work discrimination issues found that the accusations were invariably unfounded. The alliance does not keep track of the number of complaints, …

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