PAS MP faces severe backlash over controversial remark on nurse attire

A Malaysian opposition MP faced backlash from medical workers and their associations for his remarks on the attire of female nurses. Amid concerns over the healthcare system, critics questioned the MP’s priorities and emphasized the practicality and functionality of current nurse uniforms.

PAS MP expresses concerns over “tight-fitting” attire of female nurses in Malaysian Parliament

During a session in the Malaysian Parliament, a Member of Parliament (MP) from the opposition party, the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), expressed concern about the attire worn by female nurses in public healthcare facilities. The MP highlighted that a significant number of female nurses dress in a manner that is considered “tight-fitting” and not in accordance with Sharia law. “I would like to ask, are we still inclined to follow Western standards in terms of dress code ethics? Can it not be changed and given some looseness (on the nurse attire)?” he questioned.

Malaysia takes significant step towards abolition of death penalty, say activists

Malaysia’s Lower House of Parliament has passed the Abolition of Mandatory Death Penalty Bill 2023, which replaces 11 offences previously punishable by automatic death sentences with discretionary ones. Dr Lim Chee Han, co-founder of Agora Society Malaysia, praised the move as a “huge step forward” and hopes that it will motivate other countries to follow suit. Lawyer and anti-death penalty activist Ngeow Chow Ying noted that Malaysia has only abolished the mandatory death penalty, meaning judges still have the option to hand down death sentences. Meanwhile, Professor Saul Lehrfreund, Co-Executive Director of The Death Penalty Project, believes that Malaysia’s move is a major milestone and could inspire other countries in the region to reform their own death penalty laws.

Malaysia’s PM proposes ‘Asian Monetary Fund’ to reduce dependence on US Dollar

Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has called for the country to stop relying on the US dollar for investment negotiations and instead use Malaysia’s currency and the currency of the countries involved. Anwar also proposed the idea of the Asian Monetary Fund (AMF) at the Boao Forum in Hainan. The AMF was first proposed by Japan in 1997 during the early stages of the Asian financial crisis but failed to materialize. Anwar is now revisiting the idea to strengthen the buffer against economic crises, particularly with the economic strength of China and Japan.

Malaysia’s PM pledges permanent positions for 12,800 contract doctors within 3 years in response to strike

Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, has promised to hire 12,800 contract doctors into permanent positions within the next three years in response to recent contract doctors’ strikes. The government has allocated RM19.7 billion (US$4.4 billion) in emoluments in Budget 2023, with RM1.1 billion allocated for the absorption of contract doctors into permanent positions. The additional funding has been announced in response to calls for greater job security, higher pay and reduced hours. Contract doctors have been resorting to strikes and protests to demand better employment terms since the “Hartal Doktor Kontrak” movement launched in July 2021.

Malaysia’s Parliament passes bill to abolish mandatory death penalty

Malaysia’s Parliament has passed the Abolition of Mandatory Death Penalty Bill, which grants judges the discretion to impose the death penalty rather than requiring it for offenses that currently carry a mandatory death sentence. The bill also proposes replacing the mandatory death sentence with a new alternative of imprisonment for a period between 30 and 40 years, combined with no fewer than 12 strokes of the cane, as a replacement for life and natural life imprisonment. This change will apply to 34 offences currently punishable by death, including murder and drug trafficking.

Malaysia’s opposition MPs stage walkout in Parliament as motion to debate targeted EPF withdrawals rejected

Chaos erupted in Malaysia’s Parliament (Dewan Rakyat) on Monday morning (3 April) as almost all Members of Parliament from opposition coalition, Perikatan National (PN) walked out of the chamber. They were protesting against Deputy Speaker Alice Lau, who rejected their request to debate a motion regarding the targeted withdrawal of funds from the Employee Provident Fund (EPF).

Anwar Ibrahim demands further investigation into LCS Project Scandal following alleged inadequate prosecution

Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, has instructed the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to take further action on the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) project after the previous prosecution was deemed insufficient. Speaking in Parliament, he emphasised that the previous prosecution did not cover the main culprits behind the project’s issues, and a second-round prosecution would take place. The Prime Minister was responding to a question from an MP about the government’s seriousness in taking action against non-transparent governance, including the LCS.

Malaysia Parliament passed Budget 2023 at policy stage, Anwar refutes opposition ‘cruel budget’ allegation

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s Budget 2023 was approved via a voice vote in Parliament. The largest on record, it allocates RM388.1 billion, with RM289.1 billion for operating expenses and RM99 billion for development spending.

Chaos erupts in Malaysian Parliament after corruption allegations made against former Prime Minister’s son-in-Law

The Dewan Rakyat debate session became heated as Khoo Poay Tiong, a…