Father of two sells RM6 laksa to support family, receives overwhelming support from Malaysians

Father of two sells RM6 laksa to support family, receives overwhelming support from Malaysians

MALAYSIA — A Malay man selling fish laksa for only RM6 (US$1.36) as a car boot vendor operating near Putrajaya and its surroundings has gotten all the laksa he could sell in the last 10 days of Ramadan booked by supportive members of public in Malaysia after a Facebook post of his went viral.

On Monday (10 Apr), 39-year-old Muhammad Nadhzir Nazrin, posted in a food delivery Facebook group, announced that he would be making his “last effort (ikhtiar terakhir)” in doing business to fulfil the needs of his children and wife ahead of the Aidilfitri festival.

The father of two sells fresh fish laksa from the jetties of Kuala Perlis and Kuala Kedah.

“My laksa is free from MSG and canned sardines. I am selling it for only RM 6. I need to sell at least 50 packets a day to enable me to have a net savings of RM 50 (US$11.35).”

In his post, he invited potential buyers who are near Putrajaya and its surroundings to try his meal, which is “cooked with love and emphasizes meticulous cleanliness”.

He also asked his followers to follow him on TikTok, where he would announce his whereabouts so customers could meet him.

“InshaAllah, every day will be in a different location. Please inform everyone, ” Mr Nadhzir added that people can WhatsApp him if they are interested in sponsoring or supporting his small business.


Diagnosed with depression three years ago, survived two suicide attempt

A check on Mr Nadhzir’s TikTok account reveals that he had suffered from depression and anxiety. He shares his experience with depression on his own TikTok account.

Mr Nadhzir has faced several difficulties in life before and is now in the process of recovery after being diagnosed with depression three years ago.

In one of the videos, he admits that he survived two suicide attempts.

“I’m telling you, no one wants to kill themselves… unless they can’t see a way out,” he urged people to stop stigmatizing those who have depression.

“People say that you don’t pray. I have depression, but that doesn’t mean I forget about God.”

“When you comment (on people), please be careful about it. We don’t know who is struggling, so let’s stop the stigma against mental health patients.”


Pak Gad Depress #depressionisreal #untoldstory #uglytruth

♬ original sound – nadhzirnazrin – CikguShaari

Selling laksa as last resort to earn money to cover the expenses for Aidilfitri

Mr Nadhzir has since deleted his post after it went viral.

According to Malaysia media KOSMO! online, he told the reporter that he is now able to breathe a sigh of relief as his sales of laksa for the last 10 days of Ramadan have been booked by the public for donation.

“I did not expect the delivery to go viral because my original intention was only to promote my sales,” he said. Selling laksa is his last resort after all other efforts to earn money to cover the expenses for Aidilfitri have failed.

He also mentioned that he had a dream of buying new clothes for his children and wife because they had not been able to do so for several years.

In the latest Facebook post on Tuesday, he mentioned that he had to take down his earlier post as his intention was merely to inform the residents around Putrajaya about his effort to earn a living. However, it went viral across the nation instead.

“I have to stop taking donations as it has already reached its limit. I am a small business owner and run the business only with my wife without any additional staff. Therefore, we have received a heavy load of many orders.”

“I would also like to request that no one shares my banking information without my permission. Alhamdulillah, our earnings are sufficient, ” Mr Nadhzir added, declining further financial support from the public.


Netizens praised Mr. Nadhzir’s effort to take care of his family

Anyway, people continue to pour their support into Mr Nadhzir’s Facebook post comment section, praising his efforts to take care of his family, and bless him all the best.

“Alhamdulillah.. May all of your efforts be blessed and showered with blessed sustenance.”

“Malaysian people are generous. When someone is surviving and striving, many will help.”

“We, the people, hear the cries of the people.. May all your affairs be made easy, brother..”

“A honest person…may he be blessed.”

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