Teenager arrested for alleged indecent acts towards pet cat in Bukit Panjang

Teenager arrested for alleged indecent acts towards pet cat in Bukit Panjang

SINGAPORE — A young boy has been arrested by the police in Singapore after he was caught on camera making indecent gestures towards a pet cat in a public housing block corridor.

The incident was captured on surveillance footage, which was later uploaded to social media by the cat’s owner, who also reported the incident to the police.

The video, which circulated on various social media platforms, showed the teenager loitering outside a flat at around 1.52 am on Saturday (8 Apr).

After confirming that no one was around, the teen can be seen pulling down his pants and humping the cat from the back.

Despite the cat’s attempts to crawl away, he continued to grab and repeat the act.

The owner of the pet cat, Ismul Azim, posted the video on his Instagram story after his neighbour forwarded the surveillance footage. He then made a police report.

“What do you feel when some sick bastards does this to your cat? tried making a police report but there’s nothing could be done as of this moment. ”

“Therefore, I’m putting it out here and in hopes that this goes viral, so relevant parties can take actions against this guy. please help me share this post, ” Ismul wrote in the post.

The Singapore Police Force has confirmed the arrest of the teenager and stated that investigations are currently ongoing.

Aarthi Sankar, the executive director of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Singapore (SPCA), expressed concern over the increasing number of animal abuse cases, particularly those involving minors.

She urged parents and educators to teach children to treat animals with kindness.

“The contents of the video are deeply distressing and raise concerns about the rising number of animal abuse and welfare cases, including incidents involving minors in recent years,” Sankar said.

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