Two weeks ago, a resident of the Fernvale Dew HDB Build-To-Order (BTO) estate launched a petition, criticised that the keys were given out to owners, despite the incompleteness of the project and questioned whether this was to avoid breaching the contractual deadline.

The online petition had posted on and had garnered 119 signatures as of this Wednesday (5 Apr) to call for HDB to rectify alleged poor workmanship and delayed rectification works in their estate.

“Most of the owners, especially those batches whom have collected keys in early Feb 2023 identified multiple defects with shoddy workmanship, ranging from hollow & chipped tiles, scratches on main door, scratches on bedroom doors and frames, slanted skirtings & DB Box cabinets & many more.”

The petition wrote, “Although BSC [Building Service Centre] is working closely with the home owners in the rectification of the identified defects, the shoddy workmanship prior to handing over of keys, in the context of “Giving out keys first to avoid compensation & rectify later” has caused severe delays, especially where the contractors simply “rectify” the identified defects by disguising / concealing them instead of carrying out the actual rectification works. This kind of so-called rectification work is so unprofessional and lacks integrity.”

The petition also asked for compensation to homeowners for the distress, delays and inconveniences caused.

One complainant posted a reel on Facebook, showcasing the extent of the defects and serious ponding issue outside her unit.

In the clip, water can be seen pouring down from the upper floor like a waterfall, highlighting the severity of the issue.

In response, HDB stated that the feedback largely pertains to “minor defects” that do not affect the structural integrity of the building or compromise the functionality or liveability of the flats. HDB also claimed that the majority of reported issues have been resolved within two weeks.

HDB added that they resolved the water ponding issue that occurred along the common corridor of the ninth storey of Block 400B, which was caused by partially blocked water discharge points from ongoing works at the sky terrace.

HDB also mentioned that water splashing onto the linkway at the second storey of the landscape deck near Block 401F was due to a gap in the canopy roof, which has since been sealed, and a drainpipe has been installed to drain rainwater away.

Gan Thiam Poh, Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC, acknowledged the resident’s disappointment and frustration in a Facebook post and assured them that he had raised the issues with HDB and they are actively studying and exploring solutions.

“Appreciate your candid comments; they are important for us to escalate to the relevant authorities to resolve the issues faced. We will continue to engage HDB to improve our estate and home.”

Netizens expressed disappointment with recent HDB workmanship

Some netizens expressed disappointment with recent HDB workmanship on Gan Thiam Poh’s Facebook post, citing issues such as expensive flat leases and poor workmanship.

One comment mentioned that the problem had never been resolved even after many years, while another mentioned that their BTO flat was more expensive than other non-mature estates but was delivered with poor quality, leaving them sad and disappointed.

Another netizen commented on The Straits Times’ Facebook post, raising concerns about the competencies of the architects, the quality of materials used, the standards of Quality Control, the effectiveness of checks and balances, and the capabilities of the sub-contractors, among others.

A resident lambasted the quality of rectification work look like done by a “secondary school student”

A netizen, claiming to be from the estate, lambasted the quality of rectification work done, likening it to work done by a “secondary school student”.

“You use brown silicone to cover a chip at the door? 1scrap and it’s back to the hole? Can pass? Speechless at such workmanship. Not to mention the many other defects found.”

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