Progress Singapore Party elects new CEC, former Secretary-General Francis Yuen steps down

Progress Singapore Party elects new CEC, former Secretary-General Francis Yuen steps down

The Progress Singapore Party (PSP) has announced its Central Executive Committee (CEC) after holding its election on Sunday (26 Mar).

The new CEC, consisting of 12 members, will serve for two years until March 2025.

The newly elected members of the CEC include:

  1. Dr Tan Cheng Bock
  2. A’bas Bin Kasmani
  3. Dr Ang Yong Guan
  4. Harish Pillay
  5. Hazel Poa Koon Koon
  6. Jeffrey Khoo Poh Tiong
  7. Leong Mun Wai
  8. Nadarajan Loganathan
  9. Peggie Chua
  10. Phang Yew Huat
  11. Tan Chika
  12. Wendy Low Wei Ling

Three members of the previous CEC, former party Secretary-General Francis Yuen, Wang Swee Chuang, and Youth-wing head Jess Chua, stepped down and did not contest the election.

The team will meet again this coming week to determine the CEC appointments.

In a statement to TOC, Mr Yuen cited his business roles overseas as the reason for his decision to step down.

He said that it is crucial for the PSP to have a full-time leader to lead the party into the next election.

Despite the constraints posed by the pandemic, Mr Yuen noted that the party has made great strides in the past few years and that he is confident the new CEC is poised to take the party to the next level.

PSP was formed in 2018 by Dr Tan, a former People’s Action Party MP, along with members of his presidential campaign team. Dr Tan was blocked from contesting in the Presidential Election 2017 after the People’s Action Party introduced a reserved election for minorities to the constitution and criteria for candidates from the private sector.

Dr Tan praised the previous CEC for a job well done, saying in a party statement, “Serving in the CEC is hard work. They have done a good job.”

“The PSP has come a long way. The party has gained significant recognition from the public,” Dr Tan said.

“We will ask tough questions. We cannot show any fear. When the going gets tough, we must show we are tougher,” Tan said.
“Our goal is to win more seats in the house. We still cannot form the government, but we will be around to check on the incumbent. An opposition is necessary to have a better government to address various issues including bread and butter issues,” Dr Tan added.

“The PSP will strive to have good racial representation to reflect Singapore’s multi-racial population”

Last year, Tan was hospitalized for 28 days for an operation on his right lung. Tan, who turns 83 in April, has since left the hospital and is in good health. While he was in National University Hospital (NUH), these thoughts kept swirling in his mind, “I must not die. We want to win seats.”

The party contested in the 2020 general election and fielded candidates in six constituencies but failed to win any seats.

However, through the election in 2020, PSP secured two Non-constituency Member of Parliament seats for its West Coast GRC team, which are taken up by Mr Leong Mun Wai and Ms Hazel Poa, whom Dr Tan praised to have performed substantially well.

The party has been actively engaging with the public on various issues and has been vocal on matters such as the cost of living and immigration policies.

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