Singapore’s Workers’ Party (WP) chief and Leader of the Opposition (LO) took to Facebook on Monday (12 October) to remember a longstanding fan of the party, who recently passed away at the age of 90.

Mr Singh said he knew about the passing of the elderly man after he was informed by the senior’s grandson, Terence.

In the post, the politician also stated that the elderly man showed his lifelong support towards WP despite being a dementia patient for over 15 years.

“Terence got in touch with me about the passing of his 90-year-old grandfather earlier today, a lifelong WP supporter but who had been a dementia patient for the last 15 years or so,” Mr Singh wrote.

During the recent GE2020, the elderly man’s family was concerned if he would be able to cast his vote for the alternative party since his memory was slowly getting bad. As such, the family decided to draw a ballot slip and the senior successfully marked WP as his party of choice three times in a row.

“Terence’s family was concerned whether grand-dad would be able to exercise his vote at GE2020 according to his wishes in view of his progressively worsening condition. So they drew a ballot slip and asked him to mark the box of his choice.

“They did it again. And again. And all three times grand-dad made his intention knows,” Mr Singh explained.

The LO also expressed his condolences to Terence and his family, and noted that it was “an honour and privilege for me to attend Mr Liow’s wake”.

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