11 foreigners and 1 SG charged in court for flouting safe distancing rules on islands

11 foreigners and 1 SG charged in court for flouting safe distancing rules on islands

Eleven forigners and 1 Singaporean were charged in court yesterday (2 Oct) after they allegedly flouted safe distancing measures and took part in a party on Lazarus Island amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

According to court documents, the event took place between 11am and 6pm on 8 Aug, National Day Eve. Current COVID-19 regulations prohibit social gatherings of more than five people who do not stay in the same place of residence.

The twelve people charged consist of 7 men and 5 women:

  1. Natalie Joanna Sarkies, 29 (Singaporean)
  2. Helen Ann Sullivan, 30 (British)
  3. Zoe Louise Cronk, 30 (British)
  4. Jeff Richard Alexander, 31 (British)
  5. Joshua Adam Roth, 31 (British)
  6. Lowri Mair Jeffs, 31 (British)
  7. James Riby Oram Trimming, 31 (British)
  8. Richard Henri Lagesse, 31 (British)
  9. Luong Thi Thu Ha, 31 (Vietnamese)
  10. William Edwin Dunford, 32 (British)
  11. Edward John Joseph Lee-Bull, 32 (British)
  12. Paul Jonathon Gold, 32 (British)

Gold intends to plead guilty and he will be back in court on 14 Oct. As for the rest, their cases have been adjourned to Oct 23.

Self-revelation on social media

It all started when Ms Sarkies posted photos of their gathering at Lazarus Island and St John’s Island on social media soon after their trip to the 2 islands.

Almost immediately, netizens began to pick up Ms Sarkies’ postings and started circulating on Facebook and other online forums including HWZ. Netizen Shalomp re-posted Ms Sarkies’ photos on HWZ in a post titled, ‘Shiok!!!!! Go st John island no need wear mask!!!!! #sovereignlife‘, on 9 Aug.

Many netizens posted negative comments following Shalomp’s post, with regard to these foreign expats’ island escapade:

snap99: Can we send these f**tards home ?
Hierophant: They must pay enough taxes to feel so entitled
trevlim: self-pwned. jin sarkies man
tank_t: They are creating healthcare jobs?
samich: Faster ban them from Singapore. Anyone report

Others were asking the authorities to take actions and revoke their work pass if they’re not citizen or PR.

King.Koopa: Revoke all their Employment pass!
starlike: pls revoke their work pass
souldude: Sg gov should grow a spine and send them home if it is serious about upholding the rule, or just give it up and stop pretending that the rule matters.
Weaboo: i expect pap to deport all of them asap
Ubi-Warrior: I expect all to be kick out assuming they are not PR or citizen

In June, 7 foreigners were fined in court when they were caught flouting safe distancing rules at Robertson Quay. It was noted that 6 of them also had their work passes revoked by the Manpower Ministry and were banned from working here again (‘Robertson Quay incident: Seven fined, work passes for six revoked‘, 26 Jun)

Lazarus Island has been touted as one of Singapore’s best kept secrets and also one of the forgotten islands. There is a C-shaped lagoon on the island and visitors can enjoy the clean, white and sandy beach at the lagoon.

It is popular with beachgoers and families who wish to have a peaceful and quiet time together. Lazarus Island is linked to St John’s island through a causeway.


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