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Stuck with reading the PAP GE2020 manifesto in the last couple of days, the video “Creating Opportunities for Singaporeans” flashed across my news feed. Thinking it is the same subject matter I am reading, I voraciously consumed it.

Pardon the error that I made. My eyes are old. Keywords in both media overlapped – “Creating”, “Jobs”, “Opportunities”, “Together, we will emerge stronger”, “100 thousand jobs”, “training opportunities”. The messaging is eerily the same.

PAP’s First Assistant Secretary-General Heng Swee Keat admitted that PAP is nothing special from any other responsive government in providing a cushion to COVID-19 downturn. However, Singapore went the extra mile in training programs to prepare for a post-COVID-19  world.

This message has been on repeat for many decades. What is so new this time? I thought this messaging came from the political party. Imagine my chagrin, the video ended with “” logo.

Credit : PAP GE2020 Manifesto


Both manifesto and video waxed lyrical about the 100 thousand jobs PAP aims to create. The “cushion” Heng referred to is the $100 billion of taxpayers’ money mentioned in PAP GE2020 Manifesto drawn from past reserves.

PAP operates from a privileged position to be able to draw on past reserves (taxpayers’ money) and implied it as an achievement in the manifesto. Nothing wrong, as PAP is the ruling party and they are supposed to do what is needed to overcome the COVID-19 downturn.

But before we conclude that these 2 actions are achievements, we must be aware that it is not that easy to claim support. Netizens have been crying out that their applications were ignored. It is not clear that all $100 billion will be dispensed. Netizens also urged MOM to check that grants reach workers. So, these initiatives may not get to the man in the street.

In the meantime, I am having problems in discerning which is Campaign Material, and which is Singapore Government’s informational video, or propaganda.

Is it even appropriate to feature contesting candidates in a video released after Parliament has been dissolved and disguised as a party campaign video? Let me know below.

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