Party banners & posters installed in various areas immediately after nomination

Following Nomination Day that was conducted yesterday (30 June), political parties have started to put up their banners in public.

Here is a compilation of the parties’ banners and posters that have been installed almost immediately after the nomination.

PSP at Boon Lay Place

The banners and posters of Progress Singapore Party (PSP) were first spotted yesterday evening at Boon Lay Place.

WP at Bedok and Marine Parade

Other than the posters that are being installed in public, WP’s members were also seen distributing flyers to the residents in that area.

Red Dot United at Jurong GRC

Red Dot United’s posters were being installed beneath People’s Action Party’s (PAP) posters that are visibly larger in size.

PAP’s banners and posters

As for PAP, the party’s gigantic banners and posters were installed in various areas.

Marine Parade GRC

One of TOC’s volunteers noticed that a huge metal board was installed at Marine Parade beforehand to secure a spot for PAP’s banner.

Jurong GRC

PAP’s posters were installed on every lamp post.

Radin Mas SMC

Chua Chu Kang GRC

A TOC volunteer noticed how poles were installed at the roadside for the setup of PAP’s banner.

Lastly, a rather odd sighting where PAP’s posters were installed upside down.


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