For next month’s general election (GE), the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) is fielding 11 candidates across five constituencies.

Here is the final line-up of candidates as well as who they will be facing off.

Holland-Bukit Timah GRC

Singapore Democratic Party: James Gomez, Min Cheong, Alfred Tan and Tan Jee Say

People’s Action Party: Vivian Balakrishnan, Sim Ann, Christopher de Souza and Edward Chia


Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC

Singapore Democratic Party: Bryan Lim, Damanhuri Abas, Benjamin Pwee and Khung Wai Yeen

People’s Action Party: Lawrence Wong, Zaqy Mohammad, Alex Yam, Hany Soh


Bukit Panjang SMC

Singapore Democratic Party: Paul Tambyah

People’s Action Party: Liang Eng Hwa


Yuhua SMC

Singapore Democratic Party: Robin Low

People’s Action Party: Grace Fu


Bukit Batok SMC

Singapore Democratic Party: Chee Soon Juan

People’s Action Party: Murali Pillai

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