Political scientist highlights broad impacts of CPIB investigation into transport minister on PAP, underscores critical role of whistleblowers

As Singapore’s Transport Minister assists in an investigation by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, Dr. James Gomez warns of potential broad impacts on the People’s Action Party and highlights the critical role of whistleblowers. Dr Gomez warned, “The impacts of these incidents, including the Ridout issue and the CPIB investigation, cannot be isolated to individuals. These have to be seen as having a broad impact on the PAP. The overall consequence will likely be felt at the polls.”

Dr James Gomez: Overcoming structural challenges for greater electoral integrity in Singapore

Dr James Gomez, a political scientist and Regional Director of Asia Centre, asserts that while Singapore’s elections are administratively free and fair, structural disadvantages lead to low democracy rankings. The 2017 presidential election, which required candidates to be ethnic Malays, exemplified exclusionary practices. Furthermore, systemic irregularities impact electoral competition, and a lack of critical discussion around these issues undermines Singapore’s electoral system. “The high barrier to participation and absence of genuine non-partisanship is why Singapore’s presidential system scores low in international electoral integrity rankings. This is an issue that needs to be discussed head-on”. said Dr Gomez.

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