“An MP needs to go full time so that you can pay attention to the issues here,” said Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) chief Dr Chee Soon Juan on Sunday (28 June) while speaking to reporters during a doorstep interview at Bukit Batok.

Dr Chee said this in response to his earlier Facebook post where he highlighted about a site that’s under construction which was left in a hazardous manner in Bukit Batok.

He said that a few days ago the site in Blk 154 of Bukit Batok was left with no proper barricade to cordon off people from entering the area. To make it worse, the site is in the most crowded spot in Bukit Batok with a wet market and hawker centre located around it.

Based on the picture Dr Chee uploaded along with his post, one can see that the site has only been half covered with blue cloth, while the ground was sprawled with stones. Thankfully, he said that things improved today as the area now has a proper barricade to ensure no one can enter the spot and the ground is properly cleaned with no dangerous materials laying around.

As such, during the doorstep interview on Sunday, the party chief asked MP of Bukit Batok, Mr Murali Pillai, on why the site was not better taken care of?

If that’s not all, Dr Chee also questioned on some of the overdue contracts in the constituency as well as expired permits.

“If you walk around, some of the contracts that you’ve seen have been overdue by three years. He needs to account to the people why all this is taking place,” he said.

Dr Chee added, “I’ve seen some at least one lift which the permit operation has expired already last year. There’s no renewal of a permit. I’m not sure if it’s being checked or not, but these are the things that fall squarely on the shoulders of the MP.”

He also stated that Mr Murali is not “speaking up for the people” in Parliament, reiterating the importance of having a full time MP.

Dr Chee explained that it’s difficult for an MP to work six to seven hours a day at another job and then make his way to the ward in the evening to spend time with his people.

Quality over quantity

When asked his take on fewer candidates being contested by alternative parties in next month’s GE, Dr Chee said he can’t speak about other parties but for SDP, it banks on “quality not quantity”.

“You can put up 100 candidates and if they cannot perform, they’re not dedicated to the issues in their town council in the estate in parliament, then there’s not use,” the party chief opined.

He also said that SDP candidates are carefully “vetted” in order to ensure they are all “committed to these issues and to be able to speak up for the people”.

As to when SDP will introduce members who will be contesting in GE2020, Dr Chee said official announcement will be made tomorrow (30 June) on Nomination Day.

“We will release some of the candidates before that but the official slate we will announce it on Tuesday during nomination,” Dr Chee said.

As of now, SDP has introduced two new candidates for the upcoming GE. They are businessman Alfred Tan, as well as marketing and communications specialist Min Cheong. This will be the first time both of them will be contesting in a GE.

On Sunday, the party also revealed three out of four candidates who will be contesting at Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC.

They are Bryan Lim Boon Heng, Damanhuri Abas, and James Gomez.

On 21 June, Dr Chee confirmed during his walkabout at Bukit Batok West Shopping centre that he will be contesting in Bukit Batok SMC.

Dr Chee last contested in Bukit Batok SMC in the 2016 by-election – which took place following the sudden resignation of People’s Action Party (PAP) Member of Parliament (MP) David Ong – where he lost to the PAP’s Murali Pillai, who won with 61.21 per cent of the vote.

Besides Bukit Batok SMC and Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC, other constituencies that SDP will most likely be contesting in include Yuhua SMC, Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, and Bukit Panjang SMC.

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早前,因为文章被指涉及诽谤内容,和本社总编许渊臣一同接受警方调查的读者Willy Sum(笔名),在沉寂一段时日后,于昨日撰文阐述对近期发生在自身的事件表达看法,表示自己是秉持良心发声,也吁请大家不要停止对努力建设美好社会的追求和坚持。 亲爱的新加坡国民, 对于《网络公民》许总编和我本人来说,自被“逮捕”以来,我们经历了较动荡的两周。 我当时受到警方来函,逮捕令指示我必须在指定时间内现身录供,但即使重大案件的嫌犯,也会被给与两、三星期的期限来釐清嫌疑! 在“刑事诽谤”指控下接受调查期间,我感到我被当作国家敌人般处理。即便我寄给工人党议员毕丹星、和此案完全无关的电邮和信息也要被调查,令我感到冒犯,完全没有人的尊严。 执法当局没收了我们的电子设备,这是都是我们赖以反抗现代压迫的工具,向老百姓们揭示种种的不公和差异。如果这些议题继续扫在地毯下,无需接受民众质询,民间生活不会获得改善。 促使我仍继续为社会正义落笔的原因,是我国寡头政治体系施政造成的诸多严重问题。绝对的权力几乎不受审查,国家机构的职能形同虚设!对建制派提出的质疑声音,也会遭来政府机关的蛮力威胁。 我从未诋毁并造成他人对政府失去信心,但是种种事件,包括总统制修宪、2015选举承诺跳票增消费税、屋龄40以上的老组屋屋价下跌,还有欧思礼38号风波,都在考验着国人对政府的信任。 敢问,这会是我们国父建立这个国家的价值观吗?如果不是,那么在李光耀先生仙逝后,我们的国家怎么了?我恳请大家好好思考,我们究竟要一个怎样的新加坡社会?现在的施政制度,真的符合您的理想吗? 我们作为部落客和社运份子,秉持良心竭尽心力,通常是自掏腰包和安危自负的情况下,为公众发声和争取大家的权益。但如今一个接着一个,被国家以诉讼和刑事指控来对付。若我们无法继续走下去,我们恳请您,还有更多有志之士,能把共建美好社会的使命传承下去。

受中美贸易紧张影响 新加坡芯片业首当其冲恐裁员

据路透社报导,新加坡一些芯片和半导体业者向该社反应,受中美贸易战、对中国华为的政治关切以及消费者需求放缓等因素影响,新加坡芯片生产商已开始放慢生产速度,并裁减数百个工作岗位。 该报导指芯片制造业,在去年占新加坡制造业产出(output)的近三分之一。该行业的下滑,也强化了对于新加坡未来数月可能陷入衰退的预期。 新加坡被视为仰赖出口的经济体和经济风向标。长期以来,芯片生产也是新加坡成功的核心要素之一,而许多全球最大的芯片制造商,也在我国运营。我国生产的微芯片,被用在手机到汽车等广泛领域。 “为最差情况做准备” 新加坡半导体工业协会Ang Wee Seng(SSIA)执行董事Ang Wee Seng告诉路透社,认为来临的低迷与以往不同,他们也在为最差情况做好准备,并让员工处于待命状态,以帮助失业的工人找到新工作。 联合科技(UTAC)是以新加坡为总部的公司,业务包括测试和组装芯片。该公司总裁约翰尼尔逊(John Nelson)告诉路透社,已经在新加坡启动“整合进程”(consolidation process),可能导致年底前裁员10-20巴仙。…

Reduce commuting time

Work near home to alleviate strain on public transport, says Tan Kin Lian.