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SingPost on Thu (2 April) confirmed that two more of its employees have been tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), bringing up the total number of cases to eight in the SingPost Centre cluster.
Both infected employees are full-time SingPost employees working at level five of SingPost’s mail processing facility, which is also linked to the first case who has been tested positive for COVID-19 last Wed (25 Mar).
It was believed that the cluster began when the first case, who is a contract staff working at the packet-processing facility, reported to work on 19 March while on medical leave (MC), according to SingPost.
Subsequently, seven full-time employees were tested positive for COVID-19 between 27 Mar and 2 Apr, with dozens more being placed in quarantine as a precautionary measure while disinfection of all operational facilities and contact tracing are implemented.
“All affected staff are not postmen and have no contact with members of public through their line of work. The employees work in a staff-only area that cannot be accessed by members of the public and uses a separate staff entrance at the rear of the SingPost building,” said SingPost in a statement.
Responding to the cluster in SingPost — caused by a staff on medical leave who still went to work — Minister of Communications and Information S Iswaran said that the creation of the new cluster “underscores the importance of staying at home and avoiding social interactions if unwell”.
The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) also reaffirmed that COVID-19 cannot be transmitted through the postal network and mail articles, based on experts’ advice.
IMDA’s statement was made in response to an audio clip circulating online which claims that a postal worker infected with COVID-19 is spitting on letters.

Up to S$10,000 fine, 6 months jail for employers and employees who violate Infectious Diseases Act

Earlier, it was reported that employers who fail to take appropriate measures against COVID-19 where possible will risk being penalised under the latest amendments to Infectious Diseases Act which was published in the government gazette on Thursday (2 April), said Minister for Manpower Josephine Teo on Tue (31 Mar).
The Act also requires employees who feel unwell or begin to develop symptoms to report immediately to their employers. Those who start to feel unwell while at work must be provided with a face mask and be asked to leave immediately. If they are unable to leave immediately, the staff should be isolated.
Any staff who has been asked to stay home due to presentation of symptoms violates the orders may face a fine of up to S$10,000 or imprisonment for up to six months, or both.

SingPost experiences loss of manpower; IMDA helps to re-deploy displaced workers from other sectors to SingPost

As “a good number” of employees have been put under quarantine or on leave of absence, SingPost said that it has started to reach out to other companies to supplement their manpower.
“With the increase in demand for domestic deliveries, we anticipate that we will require more manpower and will therefore work with industries with excess manpower to create more jobs in the immediate term,” the statement read.
As the deliveries may be delayed for an additional three working days, SingPost sought for the public’s patience and understanding.
Meanwhile, IMDA said it will support SingPost to minimise the impact on mail operations, such as facilitating the recruitment of workers from other sectors “who have been displaced due to COVID-19” while encouraging workers to look out for job opportunities in SingPost.
IMDA is also working with government agencies to re-deploy displaced workers from other sectors to SingPost, according to Mr Iswaran.
“The Government will support SingPost to safeguard the well-being of its workers, ensure the continued delivery of letters and parcels, and minimise the impact on essential postal services for the public,” he assured.

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应对增长风险 尚穆根称或提升宗教场所保安

一名20岁的前全职国民服役人员阿米鲁,被指计划对本地犹太教徒发动袭击,在今年3月在《内部安全法》下被逮捕。 该名青年打算在某个周六,乘着滑铁卢街犹太教堂(Maghain Aboth Synagogue)举行集体祈祷后,袭击犹太信徒。他计划杀害三名犹太教男子,理由是他认为犹太教男性都曾在以色列服兵役,并曾对巴勒斯坦人“施暴”。 今日(10日),内政暨律政部长尚穆根,也随同穆斯林社群领袖,拜访上述犹太教堂,展示与本地犹太社群同在。 他也透露,考量到日渐增加的风险,宗教膜拜场所的安保或需要重新审视,以保护信徒。但当中也应取得平衡,宗教场所需继续保持开放,也避免变成戒备森严的堡垒要塞。 他也指由于自我激化的“孤狼式恐袭”威胁不断存在,社区的警惕和伙伴关系,仍是捍卫新加坡的主要防线。 他称,一些高风险场所可能采取额外措施,可能是增派保安、增设安保硬件等等。 至于犹太长老拉比莫迪凯·阿贝热尔(Rabbi Mordechai Abergel)也表示,有关犹太教堂已投入资源确保安保工作到位。 本地回教和犹太社群已表态,拒绝任何形式的极端和激进主义,以及暴力行为。…