The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) took to its official Facebook page today (1 April) to express its gratitude and thankfulness to all the frontline workers in Singapore who are combating the current deadly COVID-19 pandemic in the country.
In the video uploaded on Facebook, the members of the opposition party said that they thank all those on the frontlines like healthcare workers, cleaners, security individuals and everyone else for their constant hard work and courageous nature in dealing with the novel coronavirus.
“On behalf of all us at the SDP, we would like to thank all our healthcare workers, cleaners, security people and everyone for the hard work and dedication in handling the current crisis for the sake of all Singaporeans. Thank you,” the team said.

Besides expressing their message in English, the team also spoke in all the other national languages of Singapore, namely Malay, Mandarin and Tamil.
Besides SDP, British expat in Singapore, Martin Verga, also invited all Singaporeans to clap their hands together in their own homes on Monday (30 March) as a way to express their gratitude towards the people in the frontlines who have been risking their lives to protect the people and combat the outbreak.
After watching highlights of the #Clapforourcarers #ClapforNHS by the people in the United Kingdom on Thursday night (26 March), Mr Verga was deeply moved by the act and decided to take it into Singapore. He then posted about this suggestion onto his Facebook on 27 March, expressing his gratitude for the people in service, such as the doctors, nurses, carers, delivery workers, cleaners and supermarket staff.
Upon his suggestion, many Singaporeans were supportive of the movement and decided to take part at 8pm on Monday. Witnesses recorded videos of the event and uploaded them onto social media, showing that not only are Singaporeans staying at home, they are also giving support to the people on the frontlines.
Twitter users also collectively shared their opinions on this particular event, and many of them were supportive of it.
With multiple videos uploaded onto Twitter, netizens were happy about the movement as they felt that #clapforSGUnited was a way to support the frontliners.

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