India has banned all foreign cruise ships from its ports because of the coronavirus, with one European vessel turned away from Mangalore in the south at the weekend, officials said Monday.

Cruise ships are seen as fertile breeding ground for the deadly virus, with more than 700 cases and six linked deaths from the Diamond Princess held off Japan last month.

A sister ship, the Grand Princess, was due to dock in California on Monday with 21 confirmed coronavirus infections among 3,500 people on board.

It was unclear if anyone was infected aboard the MSC Lirica, which was turned away from Mangalore on Saturday.

It is capable of carrying some 2,000 passengers and 700 crew.

“In view of the coronavirus threat the central government has decided that no cruise ship from any foreign destination will be allowed to call on Indian ports with immediate effect till 31 March 2020,” Mangalore port said in a statement.

The vessel’s owner, MSC Cruises, is a Swiss-based European company employing over 30,000 staff globally and selling cruise holidays in 69 countries.

It is the world’s largest privately-owned cruise line, according to its website.

More than 3,500 people have died worldwide so far from the epidemic which has infected 110,000 people in 99 countries and territories since it was first reported in China late last year.

India, the world’s second most populous country after China, has reported 40 cases, prompting the government to issue daily health warnings.

Many conferences and some celebrations for Tuesday’s major Holi festival have been cancelled in order to avoid mass gatherings.


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在东海岸集选区仍有一座乌敏岛,而从新加坡搭船仅需15分钟便能抵达,然而,迄今为止,只有工人党代表陈励正走访这个偏僻外岛,令居民感动。 距离新加坡仅15分钟的乌敏岛,如今只有38张选票,而工人党陈励正却为了这38张选票,走进选区内拜访选民,他于昨日(7日)在脸书上晒出拜访乌敏岛的过程。 在照片中可见陈励正带着脚踏车搭船,并与食客攀谈,还骑着脚踏车“环岛”拜访选民,实现“没有人是局外人”的观点。 他也在帖文中写道,“乌敏岛隶属东海岸集选区的一部分,我非常享受此次的拜访,希望能与你们再次相会。” 目前该帖文已获得逾千赞与600多次的转发,网民除了被陈励正的行为感动,也有部分网民对于乌敏岛仍有居民而感到惊讶。 乌敏岛位于新加坡东北部,据《今日报》2015年的一篇报道,岛上居民虽然只剩38名,他们却没有和社会脱节,岛上也拥有小规模的地方经济和文化。

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