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A pet dog belonging to a COVID-19 patient in Hong Kong was confirmed to have contracted the virus, health authorities said on Wednesday (4 Mar).

The canine – a pomeranian – had repeatedly tested “weak positive” since last Friday (28 Feb), when it was quarantined at an animal centre.

Based on the test results, the city’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) suggested that the dog has a “low-level of infection”.

The dog has not shown any symptoms of the coronavirus, said AFCD in a statement on Friday.

Meanwhile, experts from universities and the World Organisation for Animal Health deemed this event to likely be the first reported case of human-to-animal transmission.

But according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there is no evidence that companion animals or pets such as dogs or cats can contract COVID-19.

“However, it is always a good idea to wash your hands with soap and water after contact with pets,” said WHO on its website.

Since last Friday, all pets belonging to Hong Kong citizens that are infected with the coronavirus will be quarantined for 14 days. Two dogs are already in isolation.

CNA reported that the other dog in quarantine belongs to a second coronavirus patient. It was tested negative for the virus once. It will be tested again prior to its release.

Earlier today (5 March), China has reported 31 more deaths from the COVID-19 epidemic, taking the country’s overall toll past 3,000, with the number of new infections slightly increasing.

At least 3,012 people have now died nationwide in the outbreak that first emerged in the central city of Wuhan in December.

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新加坡金融管理局局长孟文能(Ravi Menon)表示,由于贸易与制造业的下滑导致经济放缓,尽管新加坡经济复苏缓慢,但还是有望复苏。 孟文能昨日(24日)接受《彭博社》采访时表示,金管局目前持有的基本观点是“当前周期应在年底和明年年底前触底反弹”。他预计其复苏并不会强劲反弹,但今年贸易和制造业的下降亦并不会对其他行业带来很大的影响。 由于美国和中国之间的持续贸易战,且两国又是贸易大国,对我国主要出口经济形成冲击,导致急剧下滑。根据瑞士信贷(Credit Suisse)8月份的报告指出,尽管2017年与2018年电子制造业增长值达80巴仙,但新加坡制造业仍然受影响,预计在今年下半年将出现大幅度倒退。 报告指出,“根据我们对制造业的看法,在电子集群紧缩的带动下,制造业同比将下降3.2巴仙,而且不可能由建筑或服务业来抵消。” 报告续指,即使通信技术业以及其他行业有着强劲发展,却也不足以抵消制造业与零售业所带来的下滑。 “通信技术行业在经济中逐渐成为亮点,其增长率达5巴仙,强劲的表现一直持续一个季度,同比增长率达6.6巴仙,尽管该行业拥有强劲的增长势头,但却也无法抵消来自贸易与制造业的疲软,因为该行业仅占GDP总量的4巴仙而已”,报告说。 经济增长预测在0-1巴仙之间 孟文能向彭博社透露,金管局对我国的经济增长预测,将可能徘徊在官方预测的0巴仙至1巴仙区间,直到明年可能略显改善。 金管局也在本月宣布放宽货币,避免技术性经济衰退。金管局表示,在制造业疲软的拖累下,经济增长与出口也受到沉重打击,大幅度下滑,因此将货币“略微降低”允许其货币有所浮动,从而有效使美元走软。 与其调整其利率,我国使用货币政策限制新元升值幅度,为三年来首次,惟汇率区间及中位数维持不变。…