Wuhan Medical Treatment Centre, where some patients are reportedly in quarantine (Source: Weibo).

China on Thursday reported 31 more deaths from the new coronavirus epidemic, taking the country’s overall toll past 3,000, with the number of new infections slightly increasing.

At least 3,012 people have now died nationwide in the outbreak that first emerged in the central city of Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, in December.

Most of the deaths — 2,305 — and cases have been recorded in Wuhan, which has been under an unprecedented lockdown along with the rest of Hubei since late January.

But the quarantine and other travel restrictions across the country appear to be paying off, with official figures showing a generally steady drop in new cases in recent weeks.

The National Health Commission also reported 139 new cases on Thursday, slightly up from 119 the previous day, raising the overall number of confirmed infections to 80,409.

Only five of the new cases were outside Hubei.

But China is now worried about importing cases from abroad as the virus has since spread to some 80 countries and territories, infecting more than 10,000 and killing more than 200 abroad.


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中国前国务院总理李鹏,于北京时间2019年7月22日晚间11时11分辞世,享年91岁。 据新华网报导,李鹏生于1928年10月,四川成都人,1945年11月加入中国共产党,1948年被安排到苏联求学,此后历任总工程师、发电厂长、北京电业管理局长、电力工业部部长等职,协助推动中国的电站建设和电力生产,“我国电力工业的杰出领导人、核电事业的重要开创者。” 1987年11月,李鹏在六届全国人大常委会第二十三次会议上被任命为国务院代总理。1988年4月,在七届全国人大一次会议上被任命为国务院总理。 而新华网报导:“1989年春夏之交的政治风波中,在以邓小平同志为代表的老一辈无产阶级革命家坚决支持下…,采取果断措施制止动乱,平息反革命暴乱(意指六四事件),稳定了国内局势,在这场关系党和国家前途命运的重大斗争中发挥了重要作用。” 1989年5月19日,在六四事件前夕,李鹏在电视上发表措词强硬的“5·19讲话”,称 “改革开放和四化建设,人民共和国的前途和命运,已经面临严重的威胁”,并指要“旗帜鲜明地制止动乱”,讲话引起首都大学生不满。5月20日,李鹏以总理身分签署国务院令,决定自5月20日起在北京部分地区戒严。 李鹏在结束2届总理任期后,于1997年连任中央政治局常委,在党内的地位仅次于时任中央总书记的江泽民。2003年3月,74岁的李鹏卸任常委,淡出政坛。 李鹏在六四后继续担任政治局常委和总理。他在任期内领导中国的水利工程建设,更成为饱受争议的三峡工程的最大推手。 1992年,人大会议以1767票赞成、177票反对、664票弃权、25人未按表决器的结果,通过李鹏兴建三峡工程的提议。通过票数之低历史罕见,但工程仍于次年开工。

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