On Thursday (13 February), the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced that all school and private candidates who will be collecting their 2019 A-Level results on 21 February will be able opt to view their results online.

This is in light of the Covid-19 outbreak that has 50 confirmed cases in Singapore.

Before this, only private candidates were allowed to access their results online, whereas school candidates had to collect their results in person. But, things took a change this year due to the deadly coronavirus outbreak and students can choose to view their results online.

However, for those who still wish to collect their results in person, they can do so at their respective schools from 2.30pm next Friday.

Students who have decided to collect their results in their own schools will have to first declare their travel history and take their temperature before they arrive in school, the ministry said in a media release.

If that’s not all, students will also be asked to collect their results in small groups in classrooms, instead of the usual large gathering in the school hall.

The Ministry added that only those who are collecting their results will be allowed to enter the school premise.

As for students who prefer to view their results online, they can do so from 3pm onwards on the same day via the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board’s (SEAB) website.

For candidates who are eligible for SingPass but are yet to activate it, they will receive a SingPass PIN mailer. Additionally, SEAB will also provide all candidates who are not eligible for SingPass with login details through their email. Both of these information will be provided by 19 February.

MOE also emphasised that students who are not feeling well, under quarantine orders or leave of absences as of 21 February, or affected by travel restrictions to Singapore, must not be present at school to take their results.

They should view their results online, and private candidates will get their results delivered to them via post.

The Ministry added that the result slips and certificates will also be sent to the candidates’ postal address provided by them during the registration period.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that three more people had been infected with the deadly coronavirus, and identified two new clusters of infection through epidemiological investigations and contact tracing.

To date, a total of 15 cases have fully recovered from the infection and have been discharged from hospital. Of the 35 confirmed cases who are still in hospital, most are stable or improving. Eight are in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

In fact, the number of confirmed cases in Singapore has exceed that of Thailand, making Singapore the second most infected country in the world after Japan, outside of China.

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乌克兰法院昨日(5日)释放涉及马航MH17飞弹击落案的男子。马来西亚首相敦马表示,不应轻易接受结果。 法新社报道,乌克兰今年6月逮捕契马赫(Vladimir Tsemakh),指控他为俄罗斯支持的东乌克兰分离分子战斗;但他据信是马航MH17航班遭击落案的嫌疑犯。 另外,马国表示无法“轻易接受”国际联合调查小组(JIT)的调查结果。 国际联合调查小组此前认定,MH17班机是遭俄制的山毛榉地对空导弹系统击落,该系统从俄罗斯运到乌克兰,在叛军控制的顿涅茨克州小镇佩尔沃迈西克进行发射,并在发射后运回俄罗斯。今年6月,JIT宣布三名俄罗斯嫌疑人并称将对他们提控。 马哈迪称,“不能轻易接受JIT的结果,要确认飞弹很简单,确认发射位置也相对简单,但要确认涉嫌发射飞弹的嫌疑犯,通常都会非常困难。” 首相敦马在俄罗斯出席第5届东方经济论坛时说道,并不是想要对JIT提出质疑,但部分结果,尤其是在确认嫌疑犯一事,不应该轻易地就接受结果。 “在确认嫌疑犯时是非常困难的,因为一旦飞弹发射出去,他们可以马上转移地点,所以你可以查明飞弹的零件、断定飞弹的型号或飞机失事的型号,但你很难察觉出谁才是真正发射飞弹的人,所以我们不能轻易接受这个结果。”他表示。 敦马补充,尽管他和逝者无任何关联,但他身为一个观察者,有权力提出质疑,而且部分JIT公布的结果,无论是对他还是对许多马国人,都不太能接受。 敦马最后也阐明,在认定嫌疑犯前,必须找出相关的证据证明他们涉及发射飞弹,只有在强而有力的合法证据下,逝者的家属才能相信,找出真正的凶手。 马航M17班机原定从荷兰阿姆斯特丹(Amsterdam)飞往马来西亚吉隆坡(Kuala Lumpur),但于2014年7月17在靠近俄罗斯边界的乌克兰领空内,33,000英尺(10,000公尺)高空被俄制山毛榉飞弹攻击,以致空中解体并坠毁的事故,机上283名乘客和15名机组成员悉数罹难,而乌国东部目前遭到亲俄的分离主义者占据。…

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