Clifford Centre (Image source: kfcatles/flickr)

Clifford Centre Management has issued an advisory to advise all tenants regarding the Wuhan Coronavirus following the confirmed infected cases in the premises as informed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) last Friday (7 Feb).

Based on the advisory from Clifford Centre that TOC read, it stated that an employee from United Industrial Corporation Limited (UIC) – located at the level 11 of Clifford Centre has been confirmed to be infected with novel coronavirus (nCoV).

It also noted that the last day the infected patient was on the premises was 23 January.

As a precaution, disinfection such as misting has been carried out on Saturday (8 Feb) in the affected office and all common areas of level 11 as well as the building’s air-conditioning system, all lifts and office lobby at level 2.

The access to the building was limited due to the disinfection operation.

In accordance with MOH’s protocols, there are also a several measures taken by Clifford Centre Management to ensure public safety.

The Management will increase the frequency of cleaning and sanitising of all contactable items at all common areas to every hour. Also, hand sanitisers will be deployed in common areas such as reception and the fire command centre while temperature screening will be conducted for all the visitors and contractors who visit the office premises.

All tenants are advised to remain vigilant, practice good hygiene and to seek medical attention immediately should they show symptoms in relation with the nCoV.

In the meantime, the Management encouraged the tenants to conduct daily temperature checks on their staff.

As of 3pm last Friday (7 Feb), no other employee of UIC has displayed any related symptoms and the contact tracing for the inspected case is ongoing.

Stepped-up precautionary measures

Separately, the long queues were seen outside Raffles Place on Monday morning (10 Feb) as temperature screening were carried out, reported by Straits Times.

All employees and visitors were required to go through the temperature check before entering the premises.

Last Friday (7 Feb), the government raised the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) level to Orange following MOH’s announcement of several infected cases of unknown origin.

MOH noted that since there are now a few local cases without any links to previous cases or travel history to China, it has stepped up the risk assessment from DORSCON Yellow to DORSCON Orange.

MOH has also confirmed three additional cases of 2019-nCoV infection in Singapore as of Sunday (9 Feb). This makes a total of 43 infected cases so far.

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