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On 30 January (Thursday), the Government announced that it will be distributing four surgical masks to all 1.3 households in Singapore. It explained that it will be handing out 5.2 million free masks progressively from 1 February via 89 community centres (CC) and 654 residents’ committee (RC) centres.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also took to his Facebook on the same day to reiterate this information.

“Yesterday, we activated SAF, The People’s Association and other agencies to start preparing masks in special packs for Singaporeans. We want to ensure that every Singaporean who is unwell and needs a mask will have one,” he wrote.

PM Lee stated in his post that he understands people’s concerns and frustrations since they were not able to get hold of masks at retail stores.

He explained that although 5 million masks have been sent out to retailers in the last nine days, but the demand turned out to be higher than anticipated “given the recent rush all over Singapore to buy them”.

On Friday (24 January), the Ministry of Health (MOH) reassured the public that there were enough N95 masks in the country for the public. This announcement was made after several retail outlets ran out of both surgical and N95 masks that day following the confirmation of Singapore’s first Wuhan virus case.

However, since then, social media has been rife with comments from people in Singapore talking about how many retail outlets are still out of masks. On top of that, outlets with masks have to contend is growing queues.

Last week, Channel NewsAsia reported that a check showed that Guardian and Watsons stores in Paya Lebar Quarter, Clementi Mall and Tiong Bahru Plaza were out of the masks.

In PM Lee’s post, he reminded people to listen MOH’s advice that they will only need to wear a mask if they are feeling under the weather. “There is no need to wear a mask if we are well,” he wrote.

PM Lee noted that there will be a one-time distribution at Residents Committees (RC) and Community Centres (CC) in Singapore, and the public will need to bring their NRICs “to verify their addresses in order to collect one pack of four surgical masks per household”.

“People’s Association (PA) volunteers will help distribute masks to residents who are not able to go to the RCs and CCs themselves. We will post more details of the arrangements on RC notice boards and government social media channels,” he said.

He added, “Do heed the MOH advisories on when you should use a mask and how to properly handle one. Ensuring good personal hygiene and being socially responsible are our best protection against the virus.”

Upon reading this announcement, a large number of netizens thanked PM Lee and the Government for distributing the free masks. Under the comment section of his post, they said that they appreciate the kind gesture given that they are having a hard time trying to purchase the masks in retail outlets.

Despite being grateful, a large number of them pointed out that it would be better for the Government to distribute the masks via post.

This is because it will allow them to avoid being at a crowded place during collection, hence reducing their risks of contracting the deadly virus. Some added that it would be inconvenient for senior citizens to wait in a long queue to collect the free masks.

Given that masks distribution were done via mail during the 2003 SARS outbreak, some netizens question why it cannot be done the same way now.


Caroline Chiw suggests that the Government should “mandate that GPs give out at least one mask to patients who are genuinely unwell”. This is because she recently visited a reputed medical chain and was denied a mask even though her family member was down with cough and cold. She finds it “highly illogical” that a clinic does not supply a mask.

Separately, Facebook user Karen Ng Karen hopes that the government will set a maximum selling price for masks as some retailers have been selling them at “sky-high price”. “I hope government can set a maximum selling price for mask in this ‘panic period’, limit the amount of mask a person can purchase in a period (not a day inconvenient for some families) by register with purchaser ic/passport,” she wrote.

Other online users highlighted that the amount of free mask given by the Government – 4 masks per household – is too little. They said that some of them have more than four family members, hence making the amount distributed insufficient.

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我国驻美大使米尔普(Ashok Kumar Mirpuri)表示,纵使我国在应对大量的客工宿舍感染问题不尽理想,但政府决心吸取教训,并将在疫情结束后进行全面检讨。 日前,针对我国处理客工宿舍的课题,自由新闻工作者韩俐颖曾投书美国时政杂志《外交政策》(Foreign Policy),批评政府以“功利主义,非人性化”的角度在处理客工宿舍问题,并列举部分措施例如将部分客工宿舍以“封锁”(lockdown)形容;部分客工也曾投诉房间难以忍受的闷热;宿舍内的膳食问题等。 称政府关心客工福利 随后米尔普也致函至《外交政策》的总编辑回应此事,米尔普阐述,文章所指存在扭曲事实。政府向来致力于关心客工的福利,例如在隔离期间为客工提供膳食和网络服务,甚至在斋戒月期间,穆斯利客工能够在黎明前取得食物,让他们可以准时进行宗教活动。 此外,政府亦采取三管齐下的策略,即一,采取社交距离措施;二,安排医护人员到现场援助;三,对客工实施检测。另一方面,政府向雇主提供支援,让客工能够持续获得工资,并作出安排让他们能够汇钱给家人。 事实上,外籍客工也认可和感谢我国所作的努力;驻外使节也认为,我国控制客工宿舍疫情的举措透明。 我国驻美国大使馆在网站发布米尔普里的信函,并指《外交政策》拒绝刊登有关信函内容。

陈振声点评我国经济成长预测 称准备迎接挑战惟不需过于悲观

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