Another correction order has been issued under the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA), this time by Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan to Facebook over posts made by two users about the alleged closure of the Woodlands MRT station.

Specifically, the posts in question stated that the Woodlands MRT station was closed to be disinfected after a suspect case of the Wuhan virus on 28 January. But the station was fully operational in actual fact.

In a statement on 28 January, the Pofma Office said that the targeted correction direction requires Facebook to carry a correction notice on the two posts which it says contains falsehoods.

The statement also urged members of the public to not speculate or spread unfounded rumours, directing them instead to the Ministry of Health (MOH) website for updates on the Wuhan virus situation in Singapore.

This follows a day after Communications and Information Minister S. Iswaran said that the government must take swift action against mistruths after several cases of falsehoods were used to amp up public anxiety over the situation.

On Monday (27 January), the MOH issued a general correction direction under POFMA against the online forum HardwareZone and its operator SPH Magazine over a post made by a user who said that someone had died from the novel coronavirus.

The post, made on 26 January, claimed that the 66-year old who had been tested positive for the virus died due to severe pneumonia from the virus.

However, SPH Magazine had already removed the post due to violation of its community standards before the direction was issued and received.

Virus update

Yesterday, the MOH confirmed two more imported cases of the virus into Singapore, bringing the total number of cases in the country up to seven.

The first is a 56-year-old Chinese national who had arrived in Singapore on 18 January. He was staying with his family in their home at Pasir Ris Cove. He went to Changi General Hospital on 25 January after developing a cough.

The other case is that of a 35-year-old Chinese national who arrived in the country on 23 January and stayed at Marina Bay Sands. He developed symptoms the next day and went to Raffles Hospital for treatment on his own

Both tested positive for the novel coronavirus infection on Tuesday night.

MOH said that all seven patients are in stable condition.

Travellers from Hubei and Hubei-issued passport holders now barred from entering

Starting noon today (29 January), the government is barring anyone who has been in Hubei over the past 14 days or have passports issued in Hubei from entering the country as a precautionary measure.

The ban applies to all land, sea and air checkpoints.

On top of that, no new visas will be issued to China nationals with Hubei-issued passports. Those with the affected passport who already have short-term and multiple visit visas will find that their visas are now invalid and will be denied visa-free transit or entry.

The government is also placing those who have travelled to Hubei within the last 14 days in quarantine. This includes Singaporeans, permanent residents and those with long-term visas like work passes.

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昨日(24日)一架从新加坡飞往台湾台北桃园机场的酷航航班在降落时,出现舱压异常的现象,机内的氧气面罩瞬间落下,所有乘客被要求立即戴上面罩。 有关的酷航TR996班级于昨日下午1时15分抵达台北桃园机场。 酷航发言人在回答《海峡时报》询问时证实了有关事件,并表示一名携带婴孩的女乘客当时曾经表示,她的婴儿咋下降期间呕吐。“除此之外,没有任何人受伤或严重不适。” 有关飞机已停飞,以便进行调查。 根据台湾ETtoday网站报道指出,当氧气面罩落下时,空服人员立即要求乘客戴上面罩。 一名乘客指出,机长当时宣布飞机有问题,所以才引发了机舱气压异常现象。 酷航台湾区总经理李育修表示,当时TR996航班上共有180名乘客,所有乘客在当地时间下午1时15分抵达台北机场时下机。 飞机下降期间呕吐的婴儿及妇女已经接受医疗护理,酷航将会跟进婴儿的情况。 自新加坡派替换飞机 原本将乘搭TR997航班,从台北桃园飞往新加坡的航班,也因为这次事件而延误了。 酷航发言人表示,原定于昨日下午2时启程的班机,在获得监管部门批准之下,酷航将部署更换飞机,并将于当地时间星期一12时24分启程飞往新加坡。 据台湾ETtoday网站报道指出,有关的替换飞机是从新加坡派往台北。…