Wuhan Medical Treatment Centre, where some patients are reportedly in quarantine (Source: Weibo).

The number of confirmed deaths from China’s viral outbreak has risen to 131, with authorities in central Hubei province on Wednesday reporting 25 new fatalities and 840 new cases.

The latest figures from hard-hit Hubei, the epicentre of the contagion, would put the nationwide total of confirmed infections at more than 5,300, based on figures previously released by the central government.

The new figures came as Japan airlifted about 200 of its nationals out of the city, and the US evacuated about 240 Americans by air.

More than 50 million people have been locked down in and around Wuhan, the central industrial city where the outbreak first began, in a bid by authorities to stop an infection that has since spread to other cities in China and to other countries.

France has also said it intends to fly its citizens out of the city in the coming days.

Chinese President Xi Jinping called the virus a “demon” during talks on Tuesday with the head of the World Health Organization in Beijing, and pledged a “timely” release of updates about the crisis.


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随着武汉疫情局势演进,新加坡航空与胜安航空将于2月份减少部分飞往中国航班的班机。 新航表示,目前每周都有56个航班飞往北京、广州和上海,而胜安航空则在每周都有至少36个航班分别飞往成都、重庆、深圳和厦门. 其中受影响的航线包括北京、上海和广州。该公司表示将联系受影响乘客,安排他们转搭其他班机。 酷航亦于今日(31日)也发表声明,宣布暂停从新加坡飞往中国11个城市的航班,其中包括哈尔滨、杭州、沈阳、西安等的航班。另外,8个城市,包括天津、广州、海口等地的航班也将减少。 声明表示,受影响的乘客若在未使用前,可获得全额退款。 此外,部分飞往广州、南京、澳门和香港的航班也会取消,乘客将会受到来自酷航的电子邮件通知,以及有关退款或重新预订的信息。 除了本地航空公司陆续宣布暂停飞往中国以外,英国航班与美国联合航空为了能够确保机组人员与乘客的安全,也宣布暂停往返中国直至3月份 与此同时,土耳其航空公司也暂停飞往中国北京、上海、广州和西安,直到2下个月9日为止。 新西兰航空也决定缩减往返奥克兰和上海的航班。