France will fly home its citizens who wish to leave the Chinese city of Wuhan at the centre of a coronavirus outbreak that has sickened thousands and killed 81, the government announced.

The repatriation, via a direct flight to France, will be planned for the middle of this week, with Chinese permission, under the supervision of medical experts, Health Minister Agnes Buzyn said late Sunday after an emergency meeting of ministers called by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

The number could “range from a few dozen to a few hundred,” Buzyn said, adding that consular authorities in Wuhan were doing a headcount.

The Chinese government has sealed off Wuhan and neighbouring cities, effectively trapping tens of millions of people — including thousands of foreigners — in a bid to contain the spread of the virus.

The United States has also announced it would arrange a flight to evacuate personnel and citizens trapped at the epicentre of the virus outbreak.

Buzyn said that on their return, repatriated French citizens would “stay in a holding area for 14 days”, which is the estimated virus incubation period.

French carmaker PSA said Saturday that it would repatriate expat staff and their families — 38 people in total — from Wuhan.

With coronavirus diagnosed in three people who had recently been to China, France is the first European country with confirmed imported cases.

Six suspected cases are being analysed, Buzyn said.

On Sunday, Paris cancelled a parade for the Lunar New Year, celebrated by the city’s large Chinese community, as a “precaution”, according to mayor Anne Hidalgo.

Celebrations planned for Bordeaux were also cancelled.

France on Sunday put in place a medical team of several dozen experts at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport to take charge of arrivals with possible symptoms of infection with the contagious virus.


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所有客工宿舍 能否如期在8月7日完成检测?

昨日(6日),联合领导抗疫跨部门小组的教育部长黄循财声称,客工宿舍的冠病检测工作,将在8月7日(也就是今日)如期完成。 仍待检测的只剩下住在隔离设施的客工。他们在完成隔离后仍需接受检测,确保没有确诊,才获准离开。 本地约有32万名客工,住在客工宿舍。 黄循财预计约90巴仙的住宿舍客工,可在8月底复工。但他也指出,宿舍被列为安全,不代表不会再出现感染病例,病毒亦可能再次传播。 为此,当局仍会每两周为客工们检测一次。 不过就卫生部昨日的文告,我们获悉其中一家客工宿舍———吉宝客工宿舍大楼“槐舍”(Acacia Lodge)感染群,两日内就激增725例确诊。根据人力部资料,这座宿舍的四个楼层,被列为独立隔离设施。   人力部在8月4日宣布,再有127座客工宿舍列为安全宿舍,该局相信能在8月初完成所有检测,仅八座客工专用宿舍(PBD)的17栋楼,保留作为隔离设施。 截至本月3日,已康复、或接受检测无冠病的客工,多达27万3千名。人力部网站也列出,预计在本月1日能完成检测的客工宿舍清单。至于所有客工宿舍能否如期在今日完成检测,则有待观察。 事实上,此前就有雇主申诉,客工宿舍内有客工确诊后未被立即安排隔离,继续和其他客工共处一室。

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