Roof at Punggol MRT Station continues to leak for years; Commuter considers it as serious safety hazard

Roof at Punggol MRT Station continues to leak for years; Commuter considers it as serious safety hazard

Recently, a member of the public has gotten in touch with TOC regarding a leaky roof situation at Punggol MRT station.

In a video sent to us, one can observe a number of pails placed in a long stretch on the floor in order to collect the water that drips from the leaking roof.

If that’s not all, a couple of slippery yellow signs and barricade were in place to warn people of the wet ground.

The man named Gary told TOC that he uses the MRT daily as he lives in Punggol. He added that this issue has been happening for years and no one did anything to solve it.

Gary also noted that he complained to the staff at the MRT station regarding this matter. However, the staff replied saying that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) cannot resolve the leaking issue of the roof. As such, SBS Transit, which operates the Punggol MRT Station, can’t do anything much about it as well.

Apart from that, Gary also observed that the situation is getting worse now as more pails can be seen in the MRT station.

“Who knows if the roof will collapse one day“, remarked Gary to TOC.

Not the first time

This is not the first time the case of leaking roof at Punggol MRT station has been reported. Back in 2016, Redwire published an article about the same issue, and it noted that the roof has been leaking for at least one to two year prior to the 2016 reporting.

Photo of the leak in 2016

This means that the leaking issue has been in existence for almost five to six years now.

It was also reported that the problem has never been rectified, despite all the complaints.

“The pail and slippery signs placed is so disgraceful. Even my foreign friends commented that such things only happened in backward country! Don’t be a disgrace! Get it repaired! So shameful that none of your staffs are doing anything about it!” a user told Redwire.

TOC has contacted LTA and SBS Transit regarding this issue on 24 December and has yet to receive a response.

Separately, in the video, we can also see that there’s a barricade placed around broken glass. A commuter shared an update with us stating that the glass, which was not fixed in months, was recently replaced following our query to SBS Transit.

We note that the image below, showing the damaged glass is dated 24 December.

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