Singaporeans in Jakarta are advised to prepare for the possibility of further flooding by the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta on 2 Jan. The vicious flood had taken at least 23 lives and made more than 62,000 people evacuate from their homes.

The extreme weather may continue across Indonesia until 7 Jan, said Indonesia’s Cabinet Secretary in a statement citing the geophysics agency.

“There have been media reports that the Karet Sluice Gate in South Jakarta, Manggarai Sluice Gate in Central Jakarta, and Angke Hulu Sluice Gate in North Jakarta are on high alert following heavy rain in recent days. Floods have also affected Bogor, Depok, and Bekasi,” said the embassy in their official Facebook page.

The Singapore Embassy in Jakarta further advised Singaporeans to safely store valuables, important documents and prepare spare batteries in case of power outages.

Citizens who are in Jakartaaare advised to constantly monitor the local media for developments and updates. This includes traffic diversions, road closure and nearest shelters.

“We would like to encourage Singaporeans to e-Register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at if they have yet to do so,” the embassy added.

Singaporeans who are in urgent consular assistance can contact the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta at (+62 811 863 348), or the MFA Duty Office at (+65 6379 8800/8855)

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扎吉哈:职场歧视问题下降 逾八成求职者称未被歧视

人力部与国家发展部国务部长扎吉哈表示,有关工作场所中的歧视已下降了65巴仙,超过八成的求职者称自己在工作场所时并未被歧视。 非选区议员贝理安于昨日(3日)国会询及是否针对工作场所内的歧视问题,针对员工进行调查。 扎吉哈在昨日(3日)国会中透露,若要证明工作场所的歧视问题,并非取决于其感知调查,更应该关注人力部的相关投诉数量,而人力部近年来所收到的投诉已逐渐减少,从2015年的580宗投诉,下降至2018年里只有200宗,而2018年中的200宗功占据人力部所接收到的总投诉量不足1巴仙。 他续指,人力部曾在2018年进行公平就业做法调查,发现逾八成的求职者认为,无论是性别、婚姻状态、孩子人数、种族与宗教、国籍等都并非成为求职时的障碍,而且大多数员工认为在工作条件、福利、培训及职业发展等方面,都受到了公平的对待。 同时,他称含有歧视性的招聘广告目前也很少见,并透露过去十年中,妇女和老年人的就业机会也有所改善,例如55岁至64岁的就业率从2009年的57巴仙上升至2019年间的68巴仙;而同时,25岁至64岁的女性就业率则从2002年64巴仙增至2019年的73巴仙。 除了就业率增长,扎基也表示,性别薪酬的差距也随着时间的推移,从2002年的8.8巴仙降至2018年的6.3巴仙。 然而,针对相关调查,贝里安表示是否能够提供更多细节,包括在调查面临歧视性做法时的受访者,扎基指出,他无法立即提供更多细节,因为当初仅问道政府是否进行调查,但他也透露,仍然会有少数雇主会“故意规避就业原则及要求”。 不过他披露,在该项调查中共涵盖了3100人和3400家企业,因此达到了可信标准。尽管没有具体调查日期,但他透露,人力部也将会在今年晚些时候,发表一份相关公平就业的调查。