Wang Lei’s fundraiser raises RM750,000 to aid Johor flood victims

Singaporean singer and actor Wang Lei hosted a live stream to raise funds for the victims, setting an initial goal of RM300,000. In just 50 minutes, they managed to raise double the goal amount, RM600,000. The fundraiser continued until Tuesday midnight and ultimately raised RM750,000 for the displaced Johorians. Relief goods worth 800 ringgit will be given to each household affected by the flood by a designated charity organisation, and the first batch of 100 sets of relief items will be delivered to flood victims this Friday.

37,792 victims being displaced by flood in Terengganu while its Chief Minister is taking vacation in Auckland

TERENGGANU, MALAYSIA — Terengganu, the east coast state of the Malaysian Peninsula, has been hit by worsening floods during the annual monsoon this year. With 37,792 people from 10 thousand families having been displaced from their homes, the state has the most number of flood victims in Malaysia. However, Malaysian netizens raised questions about why … Read more

Senior citizen in Terengganu converts house into a floating platform to protect his household against flood

TERENGGANU, MALAYSIA — Literally well-prepared for a rainy day, a senior citizen in Terengganu came up with the creative idea of converting his house into a floating wooden platform during the annual monsoon this year to protect his property from being submerged under floodwater. A Bakar Che Ahmad, a 67-year-old Malay, decided to make some … Read more

Three sisters in Kelantan die from electrocution while wading through flood water

KELANTAN, MALAYSIA — Three sisters at Kampung Bendang Surau near Morak, Kelantan, were unfortunately electrocuted to death while wading through floodwaters. The tragedy is said to happen at approximately 11.45 am yesterday (19 Nov). It is understood that one of the three sisters had touched a pillar with a live current running through it while … Read more

Thousands evacuated as flash floods precede Malaysia’s election

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — Thousands of people across Malaysia were evacuated into temporary shelters over the weekend, officials said as the seasonal monsoon’s heavy rain prompted turnout and safety concerns for the upcoming general election. “The prime minister has put the lives of voters at risk by holding elections during the monsoon season and, with … Read more

Ardern tours ‘devastating’ New Zealand floods

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern toured flood-hit areas of the country’s South Island on Tuesday, expressing shock at the destruction left when three months’ worth of rain fell in three days. Swollen rivers swept away bridges and landslides blocked highways in the deluge, which finally began to ease on Tuesday after a 72-hour barrage … Read more

Race to find dozens missing in deadly Indonesia, East Timor floods

by Handrianus Emanuel Rescuers were searching for dozens of people still missing Tuesday after floods and landslides swept away villages in Indonesia and East Timor, killing at least 120 people and leaving thousands more homeless. Torrential rains from Tropical Cyclone Seroja turned small communities into wastelands of mud, uprooted trees and sent around 10,000 people fleeing … Read more

Super cyclone hits Fiji bringing floods, landslides

by Leon Lord Super cyclone Yasa slammed into Fiji’s second-largest island Thursday, tearing roofs off buildings as it triggered flash floods and landslides in the Pacific island nation. After days of dire warnings about widespread destruction, Fiji’s Met service said the top-of-the-scale Category Five storm made landfall on Vanua Levu late Thursday packing winds gusts … Read more

Singaporeans in Jakarta advised to be cautious of further flooding in Jakarta.

Singaporeans in Jakarta are advised to prepare for the possibility of further flooding by the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta on 2 Jan. The vicious flood had taken at least 23 lives and made more than 62,000 people evacuate from their homes. The extreme weather may continue across Indonesia until 7 Jan, said Indonesia’s Cabinet Secretary … Read more