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Police warn bank customers not to fall victim to emerging scam involving bank cards and account reactivation

The police on Monday (25 Nov) warned members of the public, particularly bank customers, to be wary of a new form of banking scam that has hit the surface recently.

The scam starts off when bank customers unexpectedly receive text messages claiming that their bank cards are either blocked or deactivated – or in some cases, their accounts are locked. Subsequently, the victims will be instructed to dial a phone number in order to reactivate their cards or accounts.

During the phone calls, the scammers will pretend to be an employee from the bank and ask the victims for their personal particulars, Internet banking details, and one-time passwords. Shortly after, the victims will discover that unauthorised transactions have been made from their bank accounts.

The police stated that they have received 12 reports of the scam this month alone, with total losses amounting to at least S$65,000.

Hence, the police urged members of the public to be extra vigilant of unsolicited messages or calls from people impersonating as bank employees.

What’s more, some scammers might resort to using spoofing technology to conceal their actual phone numbers and display the bank’s number.

Thus, members of the public are advised to not openly disclose their Internet banking details or respond to digital token authentication requests via phone calls if they did not initiate any Internet banking transactions in the first place.

The police added that any suspicious call allegedly from a bank should only be addressed or entertained upon verifying the authenticity of the request via the bank’s official website or hotline.

Meanwhile, those who wish to provide any information on such scams may call the police on 1800-255-0000, or send the information online at

Additionally, for any scam-related advice, do reach out to the anti-scam helpline on 1800-722-6688 or visit

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