A member of the public Dr Desmond Wai wrote to ST Forum today (‘Forum: No need for online vitriol against condo resident‘, 31 Oct) asking Singaporeans to show forgiveness to the condo resident involved in a recent condo incident, when he hurled vulgarities at the condo’s security guard.
“I am disappointed by the many negative comments online aimed at the man who hurled vulgarities at his Whampoa condominium’s security guard in a video that went viral,” Dr Wai said.
“Some of these comments are as profane as, if not more than, the words the man used.”
Dr Wai said that even though the condo resident in question was rude, wrong and even illegal, Dr Wai felt the person was “caught by surprise” by the condo rules about parking fees for visitors.
Dr Wai explained, “We need to understand that the incident occurred during Deepavali festivities, an important religious event. I have lived in a condo and have also visited the condos of many friends. I do not recall being asked to pay for parking.”
“I would probably be equally shocked and upset if I were suddenly asked to do so,” he added, defending the condo resident’s actions.
Dr Wai said that instead of cursing and making rude comments, Singaporeans should show kindness, gentleness and a forgiving attitude.
He said perhaps Singaporeans should learn from the security guards involved, “We should perhaps learn from the security guards involved, who were firm but courteous despite the man’s rudeness.”
Condo resident files police report against doxxing
Meanwhile, the police confirmed on Tuesday (29 Oct) that a report has been filed on the alleged doxxing of a man involved in a heated exchange with a security officer at Eight Riversuites last weekend.
While the police did not reveal who lodged the report, the media has reported that the report against harassment was lodged by the man in the video itself.
Doxxing is a crime when “online vigilantes” publish someone else’s personal information online with the intention to harass, threaten or facilitate violence against the person. Making doxxing a crime was among a slew of changes made to the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA), which was tabled in Parliament earlier this year.
Under Section 3 of the amended Act, those found guilty of intentionally causing harassment, alarm or distress can be fined up to $5,000 or be jailed up to six months, or both.
“Often, this arises in the context of online ‘vigilantism’. The amendments will prohibit the publication of such personal information where it is done with an intention to harass the victim,” MinLaw said at the time when the bill was tabled.

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