While representing Singapore overseas, Workers’ Party (WP) chief Pritam Singh revealed that his party maintains a “broadly united front” with MPs from the ruling party, People’s Action Party (PAP).
He explained that the party does this as it is consistent with WP’s goal of providing a better future for Singapore.
Mr Singh, who is currently in Bangkok for the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (Aipa) meeting, said in a Facebook post on Wednesday (28 August) that at times he was asked on how is was it possible for MPs from the opposition to “operate in a bipartisan manner with the PAP MPs overseas”, although they sit on opposite sides of the House in Singapore.
As a response to this, he said that everyone in the Parliament, including his party, wants the city-state to succeed and provide a better future for Singaporeans, despite having disagreements with the approaches and policies of the Government.
“Our parliamentary democracy give us the platform to have different views represented in Parliament and to debate and criticise ideas and policies,” he said.
He added, “But once we leave our shores, a broadly united front amongst all parliamentary MPs is consistent with the better future we in the WP seek for Singapore.”
Apart from Mr Singh, there are other 11 MPs at the 40th General Assembly of Aipa, along with Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin. Other PAP MPs who are part of the delegation include Lim Biow Chuan, Gan Thiam Poh, Joan Pereira and Nominated MP Lim Sun Sun.
The opposition politician also said that the “Singapore delegation has also had a number of meeting with our ASEAN colleagues and renewed friendships with fellow ASEAN MPs, as many of us have met at other regional forums”.
Separately, Mr Singh also noted that Thailand’s youngest MP, Phetchompoo Kijburana, resided in a HDB flat at Bedok Reservoir Road and attended Bedok North Secondary School in Eunos. He added that she only left Singapore in 2010 after completing her “O” levels and still keeps in touch with her form teacher.

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