AGC says camera installed outside toilet of police station; Stolen tap costs more than almost all of IKEA’s

It was reported yesterday (15 Aug) that a man who stole a tap from a toilet at the Woodlands police station was jailed for three months by the court.

The man, Seah Kian Li, 50, was at Woodlands Police Division HQ on 1 Mar this year to bail his brother out from the police station when he decided to steal a tap worth $171.20 from the toilet. The theft was discovered almost a month later and through CCTV footage, Seah was identified and arrested.

However, the reported incident also triggered unease among netizens with many questioning if individual’s privacy was invaded by installing CCTV cameras inside toilets of police stations.

Channel News Asia later asked the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) to confirm if cameras were indeed installed inside the toilets. AGC replied that the CCTV camera in question was not inside the toilet.

“It was facing the entrance of the male toilet. The accused’s acts can be seen as he opened the door of the toilet, and left it open,” said the AGC spokesman.

Hence, netizens can be reassured that the police are not perverts out to invade people’s privacy by installing cameras inside their toilets.

Tap costs $171.20 – more expensive than almost all IKEA’s taps

Netizens also noticed that in the news reported by the media, the stolen tap from the Woodlands police station costs $171.20, a rather high price for a tap.

Actually, the Woodlands police station was newly opened on 25 Nov just last year. In a statement, police said the new police division HQ was built to “better serve the needs of the population in the north of Singapore” (‘New Woodlands police division to begin operations from Nov 25‘).

It also said that the Woodlands police division will be led by Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police, Leon Chan. He was previously the deputy commander of the Ang Mo Kio Police Division and assistant director (research, planning and organisational development) of the CID.

However, a quick check on website of IKEA, where Singaporeans commonly buy their furniture, shows that at $171.20, the tap used in Woodlands police station’s toilet costs more than all but 1 tap sold in IKEA:

Perhaps Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police Leon Chan could help clarify why taps in his division HQ cost $171.20, much higher than almost all of IKEA’s taps?