CCTV cameras installed inside police station toilet help catch tap thief

It was reported in the media today that a man who stole a tap from a toilet at the Woodlands police station was jailed for three months (‘Man jailed for stealing tap from Woodlands police station‘, 15 Aug).

The man, Seah Kian Li, 50, was at Woodlands Police Division HQ on 1 Mar this year to bail his brother out from the police station when he decided to steal a tap worth $171.20 from the toilet. He took the tap and installed it in his own home.

The theft was discovered almost a month later on Mar 28, when a cleaning supervisor noticed that a tap was missing from the toilet.

The matter was reported to the facility manager for the police station, who conducted some checks before escalating it to the divisional logistics officer for Woodlands Police Division.

The officer then checked closed-circuit television footage and saw Seah unscrewing the basin tap in the toilet and taking it away.

After Seah was identified, a police report was filed against him. Seah’s home was raided and the stolen tap was found fixed on the basin in his toilet. Seah was then duly arrested.

Seah admitted that he had gone to the toilet while at the station that night to bail his brother out when he noticed that a tap at the basins was loose. He checked it and realised that it was suitable for his home toilet basin, and decided to steal it. Seah pleaded guilty in court.

From this incident, it is safe to assume that the police even install CCTV cameras in police station toilets to guard against crimes committed inside.

It’s not known if the cameras would capture people peeing inside the toilets.