In the wake of the sexual misconduct drama that unfolded in April when a student of the National University of Singapore (NUS) called out the school for being too lenient on the male student who had filmed her in the shower, local urban farm OnHand Agrarian announced on their Facebook page earlier on 21 April that they would be ceasing all dealings with NUS in response to how the school handled the case.

In the post, it was made clear that the farm would stop all ties with the university until the perpetrator is expelled. “No talks, no internship, no site visits, no use of our company when you need industry partners to be Co-Pls for government grant submissions,” stressed the company.

Following OnHand Agrarian’s announcement, we reached out to owner Hao Fa Lim to ask why they felt it necessary to take such a stance as a business owner. Mr Lim told us that he didn’t want to be associated with companies that do not take invasion of privacy seriously.

When the move was shared by another Facebook page, SMRT Vigilanteh and slammed for being a publicity stunt, Mr Lim said in response that it was merely a PR statement. He added that the rationale behind the decision was “to remove liability and provide working opportunities for their more ethical competitors”.

Members of the public pointed out that the farm ceasing dealings with NUS would adversely affect students, who ultimately are not responsible for the university’s stance. To this Mr Lim said that OnHand Agrarian is still open to internship opportunities with students on a personal capacity. He said, “If NUS refuses to acknowledge those internships simply because Agrarian won’t communicate with their staff, then that’s their prerogative.”

When asked why it was important that a business organisation took a stance on social issues publicly, Mr Lim said, “I think companies are communities and we have stances on social issues regardless of whether we make them known. In this case, making my views known helped reassure my subscribers and give Ms Baey a slightly louder voice.”

Businesses are part of the community

He added that business are themselves tiny communities within the larger community and that many have lost sight of that or have distanced themselves from being socially responsible “because they are lazy”.

“But one of the reasons I started this company was to help people reconnect with our roots. Imagine this happened 70 years ago, when many of our grandparents were farmers themselves and communities were closer, do we honestly think only ONE farm would’ve taken a stand?” he continued.

Another thing that SMRT Vigilanteh had pointed out was that OnHand Agrarian was breaking the law by ceasing dealings with NUS over this matter and attaching the condition that they would only resume dealings if the perpetrator is expelled is akin to extortion.

Mr Lim is certain that his decision is not a threat because he is merely refusing to take action and denying them his resources, “Like someone refusing to eat at a restaurant that serves shark fin,” he says. He added, “Nor is it extortion; because I’m not asking for material goods, services or threatening them.”

Discourse on the issue right now is highlighting the community’s role in not deterring deviant behaviour and failing to hold perpetrators responsible for their action while also blaming the victim when they do speak out. So when a member of the community, in this case a local business owner like Mr Lim of OnHand Agrarian, decides to take a stance, perhaps it’s an example of how the rest of us can hold our institutions accountable in order to build a better society.

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在今年国庆日,总理李显龙于兀兰海军部村庄,致国庆献词。根据8频道新闻报导,李总理以英语发表演说,表示国家经济成长维持在3至3.5巴仙,政府也一直致力优化住房、医疗保健和教育等重要政策,提升国人生活素质,加强社会安全网和强化社会凝聚力。 “每年8月9日,我们都会庆祝新加坡取得的成就,并誓愿团结一致。从独立到现今,53年新加坡克服万难,取得成功。” 他说,新加坡充满活力、繁荣昌盛,经济稳步成长、生产力提高,国人收入也有所增加,比世界许多国家来得好。 不过,李显龙指出,国际局势充满变数,例如世界两大经济体贸易关系恶化,将影响我国经济成长;朝鲜半岛局势、无核化也有许多待克服挑战。 他也提及,新加坡作为亚细安轮值主席国,将继续加深与他国包括马来西亚和印尼的合作。马国在5月大选产生新政府,两国将在互惠互利、互相尊重的基础上,和马国维持良好关系。 李显龙说,兀兰海军部村庄乃是创新组屋区,是为特别乐龄人士涉及,这里许多设施包括超市、医疗中心、社区花园、托儿所和熟食中心,这里的组屋都安装了扶手和防滑砖设备,让乐龄人士住得安心。 描绘幸福晚年生活 他尝试描绘当地居民的生活:这里当了祖父母的年长者,孩子就住在附近,孙子每天早上由父母送到这里的托儿所,再由祖父母接他们回家。 “老人家可以和朋友们一起打打太极拳、到社区花园种种花,到医疗中心做定期检查。祖父母带着放学后的孙子到熟食中心用餐、到游乐场玩耍。”如果下雨,孩子能到又该社区广场玩乐获上楼到祖父母家午睡。傍晚家长下班后,到附近平价超市(Fairprice)购物,再到父母家用餐。 李显龙说,在海军部村庄,教育、 医疗保健和住屋政策相辅相成,为居民提供完善服务。有设施良好的托儿所;医疗中心提供优质和负担得起医疗服务。 “为了缓解国人对医药费的担忧,我们推出终身健保计划(MediShield…

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