Campus view in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. NTU is one of the two largest public universities in Singapore from

In the wake of criticisms against the National University of Singapore (NUS) for its handling of a sexual harassment case involving two of its undergraduate students, two universities – the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Management University (SMU) will be introducing new measures to combat the prevalence of sexual harassment on campus.

TODAY reported that NTU has announced, via an e-newsletter to students on Wed (24 Apr), that it will be introducing an anti-harassment online module for all freshmen and student organisers of orientation programmes in July this year.

The University’s Student Life Team – comprising provosts, school directors and a registrar – told TODAY that the module will contain information on what sort of conduct is classified as harassment, as well as how to handle cases involving harassment, in addition to providing resources for victims seeking help and support.

“The anti-harassment policy and the student code of conduct clearly state that harassment is unacceptable,” said the Team, adding: “A safe environment for our students is a top priority for the university”.

President of the Singapore Management University (SMU) Professor Lily Kong told students via email that the University is reviewing its disciplinary framework related to sexual misconduct, which will “consider international best practices” and feedback from the school’s stakeholders.

The results of the review will be released to students at a later date, she added.

“SMU does not tolerate sexual misconduct in any form. Every complaint of sexual misconduct will be investigated in a fair and objective manner,” said Prof Kong.

Her email also included avenues for students to report incidents of sexual harassment, in addition to mechanisms to support victims such as counselling and administrative assistance in the form of “re-scheduling of classes” for students affected by harassment, TODAY noted.

Prof Kong was named as one of the members of NUS’ review committee on sexual misconduct on Mon (22 Apr).


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