NTUC offers tea & coffee for $0.50 a cup to benefit 1.7M SGs but only once a week for 1 yr

Source: Video screengrab.

NTUC announced today (25 Apr) that for next month, union members can buy their cup of coffee or tea for only $0.50 each. This will be available to them every day for a month at more than 90 NTUC Foodfare as well as Kopitiam food courts and coffee shops in Singapore.

And from Jun onwards, union members can continue to enjoy these discounted hot beverages every Wed, that is, once a week. But this will only last for a year till next Jun.

Not only union members get treated with this special discount, elderly members of the Pioneer and Merdeka Generations will also enjoy this special treatment from NTUC. From Jul until next Jun, they too will be able to buy a cup of coffee or tea at $0.50 on every Wed at all NTUC Foodfare and Kopitiam outlets.

It has been estimated that this special initiative is set to benefit more than 1.7 million people in Singapore.

“NTUC FairPrice has led the way in keeping the prices of essential products low,” said NTUC Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng.

“The labour movement understands that cost of living remains a key concern of our workers, and will continue to address this in both the immediate and long-term.”

NTUC FairPrice freezes prices of 100 of its house brand products till end-Jun next year

Last month, NTUC FairPrice announced that it will freeze prices of 100 house brand products for the next 15 months till also next Jun. This is to “help moderate the rising cost of living and protect shoppers from price fluctuations”.

The 100 products include rice, cooking oil, poultry, toiletries and household cleaning products. On top of that members of the PG and MG will also able to enjoy a 3 per cent discount on purchases at all FairPrice outlets on every Wed.

Ng told everyone that the range of FairPrice house brand products that have their prices frozen, offer savings of “up to 38 per cent” and are “of good quality”. For example, he said that his household saves about 25 per cent on grocery bills by using FairPrice’s house brand products.

Meanwhile, constitutionally, the next parliamentary general election must be held the latest by 15 January 2021. But Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who is also the Secretary General of People’s Action Party, has said that it could be held this year.

Rather than thanking NTUC for their kind thought to hold down prices till next Jun so as to “help moderate the rising cost of living”, Singaporeans should perhaps thank PM Lee instead for considering to hold the General Election later this year.

It’s not known what NTUC would do after next Jun, presumably when GE is over.


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