Source: Hall 3 Residence/Facebook

Police investigating 19-year-old man for criminal trespass, taking photographs of another man in NTU hall bathroom

Another incident involving voyeurism on university residential hall grounds has arisen as a 19-year-old man is being investigated for allegedly photographing another man in the shower at a residential hall toilet in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) last Sun (21 Apr).

Police told The Straits Times that they had received a 999 call for assistance at around 1.11 p.m. on Sun regarding the incident.

ST reported that the incident took place in Hall 3. A spokesperson from the University told ST that the suspect “is neither a student nor employee of NTU”.

The 19-year-old man is being investigated for criminal trespass under Section 447 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224.

Several other NTU halls of residence, in the meantime, have sent notices to male residents informing them that they will only be able to access the male toilets using their key fobs, or electronic keys.

Hall 16 President Wilson Toh told ST that while such a measure can be considered a “good initiative”, he is doubtful that it will become a strong deterrent against such trespass.

“People would be able to enter the toilet regardless of whether a fob access is required if they were already able to enter the hall.

“In the end, we would only know that the perpetrator had fob access. There is no record to show who it was that entered the toilet,” he added.

Instead, Mr Toh suggested that security cameras should be installed along the corridor leading to the toilets.

Meanwhile, TODAY reported that NTU has announced, via an e-newsletter to students on Wed (24 Apr), that it will be introducing an anti-harassment online module for all freshmen and student organisers of orientation programmes in July this year.

The University’s Student Life Team – comprising provosts, school directors and a registrar – told TODAY that the module will contain information on what sort of conduct is classified as harassment, as well as how to handle cases involving harassment, in addition to providing resources for victims seeking help and support.

“The anti-harassment policy and the student code of conduct clearly state that harassment is unacceptable,” said the Team, adding: “A safe environment for our students is a top priority for the university”.