According to the government’s feedback unit REACH, 60% Singaporeans surveyed were aware of the government’s ban on Swedish metal band WATAIN last month and of those, two in three or 66.66% agreed with the decision.

According to a poll conducted by REACH via computer-assisted random telephone interviews, of the 680 people surveyed – including those of different ages and religions – younger respondents in their 20s were most likely (67%) to disagree with the decision to disallow the concert. The same applied to those who identified as Free Thinkers (51%).

(Image by REACH)

Of these 680 people surveyed, 25% said they performances which may impact religious sensitivities in Singapore should be banned while about two in three feel that they could be allowed with specific conditions to prevent offensive content.

Across agree groups, respondents were more likely to feel that performances which may impact religious sensitivities should be allowed with certain preconditions, however this number decreased going up the age range – 89% of respondents in their 20s felt this way versus only 47% of respondents over 60.

In reviewing the poll’s findings, REACH chairman Sam Tan said: “It is heartening that the majority of Singaporeans appreciate the importance of respecting religious sensitivities in our multi-racial and multi-religious environment.”

He added, “In light of recent events in New Zealand and other parts of the world, I hope younger Singaporeans understand the delicate balance needed to maintain this place we call home and cherish the peace and harmony that has been built up over the decades,”

The response to the poll on CNA’s Facebook page has been largely skeptical. Netizens question the reach of REACH’s poll, with many questioning where they found their respondents:

Others commented on the small samples size of 680 respondents which isn’t a representation of Singapore, a country of 5.6 million people:

Still others commented on the poll itself, noting a majority of Singaporeans have never heard of it before today:

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