Netizens question why no legal action is taken after SingPost caught red-handed for trying to dupe business man S$7000 for distributing his flyers

Singapore Post (SingPost) is back in the limelight for another bad publicity when its staff was caught red-handed trying to dupe a small business owner, who had paid S$7, 000 for flyer distribution, and was informed that his flyers were distributed, but in reality it wasn’t.

Johnson Tan, a massage parlour owner, had engaged a service from SingPost that prints and distributes flyers as he wanted them to print and deliver 65, 000 copies for S$7, 000. However, the mail company failed to fulfill the deal that they’ve promised.

To make things worse, Mr Tan claims that SingPost tried to fool him into believing that the task had actually been carried out.

After carrying out his own investigation and finding out that the flyers were indeed not sent out, Mr Tan got in touch with SingPost via email enquiring on this matter. SingPost then replied with photos of the flyers in the letterboxes, as proof that they were distributed.

Unfortunately, the pictures were fake and Mr Tan went on to make a police report.

In response to this, SingPost admits that there were lapses in the initial investigation carried out by its staff, and that they have taken disciplinary action against those involved.

The mail company added that they will give Mr Tan a full refund and are grateful for his feedback, as it is a chance for them to improve their work processes, and appreciate the patience shown by Mr Tan and the public.

However, once the news broke out, many netizens were unhappy and questioned why no legal actions were taken against the company.

Some of them feel that the mail company lacks integrity and they should brush up their act if they want to still stay in the business.

Kinkok Sin revealed that when he wanted to send a package to China, the receiver requested him not to use SingPost as they’re not reliable. He added, ” This came as a surprise to me as I thought the Chinese companies would be less reliable.”

Another user Husain Shakir said that even he received a message from a potential customer asking if he’s using SingPost as the customer had a bad experience with the mail company.