Sad eyes of a cat that was trapped. Homeless cat from

A 50-year-old man was fined $16,000 or eight weeks imprisonment in default for causing unnecessary pain and suffering to animals, as well as being disqualified from owning a pet for 12 months.

The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) was alerted to a case of a cat and a kitten thrown out of a HDB unit window at Boon Lay Drive in July 2017.

The cat then ran away from the location and the kitten was rescued and adopted by a passer-by.

The witness was unable to see anyone committing the act, however, AVA’s investigation identified Krishnasamy S/O Kaliyappan as the perpetrator.

Fortunately, AVA found the kitten to be healthy and uninjured.

AVA stressed that it investigates all feedback on alleged animal cruelty.

“We will take enforcement action against anyone who has committed an act of animal cruelty and will press for deterrent sentences, if warranted. Individuals who commit animal cruelty are liable to a maximum fine of $15,000 and/or 18 months jail term for first convictions,” the authority stated.

Safeguarding animal welfare is a shared responsibility that requires the cooperation of all stakeholders, including the public.

While AVA continues to ensure that the necessary enforcement action is taken and to raise awareness on animal welfare, it noted that members of the public can play their part by being vigilant. The public should promptly report cases of animal welfare issues to AVA via its 24-hour hotline, 1800-476-1600, or via its website.

Earlier this month, a stirring incident of animal cruelty took place at Galistan Avenue in Bukit Panjang, where at least 3 dogs were found cremated. 18 dogs and 1 pet rabbit were found ill treated inside the facility and at least 2 dogs went missing.

The Platinium Dogs Club has been under investigation by the authorities following complaints of alleged mistreatment of animals under its care.

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泰国法院指证据充足 爱国党命运3月7日定案

泰国宪法法院下周四(3月7日)裁定,是否解散泰国爱国党。 宪法法院指出,法院认为选委会做出的解散爱国党申请证据充足,无需进一步调查,一次将在下个月7日开庭审案,并且在同一天宣布判决。 亲泰国前首相他信的爱国党于2月8日宣布,提名泰国公主乌汶叨参与首相竞选,引起轩然大波。泰王于同一天表示反对公主参政,并表示皇室地位超越政治。选委会随后宣布乌汶叨公主不具备参选资格,更指爱国党此举有违反君主制,违反宪法,因此申请解散爱国党。 大选后决定是否提空塔纳通 另外,泰国间房指出,将在3月24日泰国大选后,于3月26日决定是否提空另一位政党党魁,即未来前进党党魁塔纳通。塔纳通被控违反电脑犯罪法,涉嫌于去年6月29日,在社交媒体脸书散布有关泰国军人政府的假消息。一同被控的还有两名党员。 塔纳通昨日(2月27日)遭检察官传召问话后,怒斥对手企图耍阴招。他表示该党无畏阻挡,将继续前进。“我们相信自己的清白,也相信人民的力量。” 塔纳通是泰国最大汽车零件制造上,高峰集团的执行副总裁兼董事,与去年3月设立了未来前进党,打开了泰国政坛新局面。 塔纳通在竞选活动的政策辩论上,表现出色。他所提出的政策和帅气的外表,为他吸引了不少支持者,更成为年轻选民的追随者。自竞选活动开跑以来,他就不断的批评泰国军方的开销,以及泰国自从武装部队总司令巴育就任后,就陷入了独裁主义者的手中。 巴育不参加政策辩论 相反的,巴育于周二(2月26日)指出,他将不会参加任何政策辩论,不是因为害怕人民批评,而是因为他的工作很忙,辩论使他感到“头痛和浪费时间”。 泰国大选落于3月24日,选举委员会将首度举办辩论会,让候选人们能够发表各自的施政理念。多名候选人呼吁巴育参与辩论,而公民力量党作为提名巴育的政党则指出,巴育目前仍然是公仆,必须保持政治立场中立,因此向选委会申请,让巴育不用参与辩论。 巴育于26日内阁会议后的记者会上,未等选委会决定,就已经宣布不会参与辩论。