Woodlands checkpoint during pick hour (Photo by Nashriq Mohd from Shutterstock.com)

Three-quarter tank rule expanded to cover Singapore-registered diesel-powered vehicles leaving Singapore to Malaysia via land checkpoints

Singapore Customs stated in a press release on Wednesday (2 January) that the three-quarter tank rule will be expanded to cover Singapore-registered diesel-powered vehicles, which is in line with the introduction of a usage-based diesel duty announced in Budget 2017 to reduce diesel consumption and resultant air pollution.

Singapore-registered vehicles are required to have a minimum amount of motor fuel (at least three-quarters of the tank) when leaving Singapore via the land checkpoints under the Customs Act with effect from 1 April 2019, commonly referred to as the “three-quarter tank rule”.

Currently, the rule is only applied to Singapore–registered vehicles running on petrol and compressed natural gas (CNG).

Drivers who do not meet the rule may be issued with a composition sum of up to $500, or be prosecuted in court. Drivers may also be required to perform a U-turn at the land checkpoints if they are caught committing the offence.

Singapore Customs also reminds drivers to ensure that their fuel tank is at least three-quarters full when exiting the land checkpoints to avoid any inconvenience to their overseas trip.